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This white paper explains:WhitePaper

  • Understand key use cases for WLAN in industrial applications

  • Learn the fundamentals of WLAN transmission technology, including the use of frequency bands, MiMo and antenna patterns

  • Understand how regulatory requirements can affect the performance of a WLAN network in certain countries

  • Discover new mechanisms to improve the performance of WLAN access points

  • Learn how to optimize roaming delays in applications with moving vehicles

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From the white paper:

"Directed IEEE 802.11 wireless connections can link industrial plant components, even over long distances. Moreover, the use of mobile devices such as tablets and notebooks opens up new possibilities for maintaining, configuring and monitoring industrial applications."

"The first basic decision affecting network quality is the choice of which radio transmission frequency range to use. IEEE 802.11 wireless networks make it possible to use different frequency ranges."

"Fast and reliable roaming is an important quality requirement for industrial WLAN systems, mainly in application scenarios with mobile clients, such as in trains (train-to-trackside communications), automated guided vehicles or other autonomous vehicles in the manufacturing industry."

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