Download the white paper: "Substation Communications Design Legacy to IEC 61850 Best Practices"

This white paper explains:WhitePaperMainGraphic_CTA-substation-110415MSB.jpg

  • Ten best practices for industrial Ethernet network design
  • How to ensure your legacy system connects to new technologies
  • Why you need products and solutions designed for and tested in substations
  • The latest in cybersecurity to protect your network inside and out

You'll be on your way to improving your knowledge of IEC 61850 substation communications design!

From the white paper:

This white paper walks you through each of ten Industrial Ethernet network design best practices, explaining the importance of each one and providing guidance on how to apply it to your needs.”

“Adding serial communication devices to Ethernet infrastructure extends the useful life of the equipment and significantly reduces the cost of upgrading the communications system.”

“Defense in Depth cybersecurity includes establishing a routing firewall to protect the substation perimeter and transparent firewalls to protect core processes.”

“Use this white paper to compare your organization's designs to industry best-practices and learn about options for improving established communication systems.”

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