Download the white paper "The Train Ethernet Backbone"

This white paper describes:White Paper

  • Three challenges for rail operators and how they can be overcome through the use of Hirschmann products

  • Ethernet based applications improve fuel efficiency, increase reliability and lead to shorter dwell times at platforms, reduced headway between trains and fewer on board staff as well as improved security

  • Example solutions for each of the following with illustrations:
    - Redundant Coupling Protocol (RCP)
    - Ethernet Train Backbone Network (ETBN)
    - Coach-to-Coach Coupling (C2C)
    - Train Communications Network (TCN)

  • Introduction into the IEC 61375 standard and the benefits of Hirschmann’s implementation approach 
  • The benefits of the Hirschmann product portfolio for safe, high-quality and reliable Ethernet Networks on board a train

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From the white paper:

"To allow passengers to access the internet on board and to remotely manage and control increasingly sophisticated trains, the whole on-board network philosophy is changing. The whole train now needs to be connected together as one integrated vehicle. The design is moving from multiple individual communication systems supporting specific data networks to a single integrated network and the technology being used is Ethernet."

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