Download the white paper "Understanding Firewall Technology for Industrial Cybersecurity"

This white paper explains:wp19-understanding-firewall-technology

  • The importance of firewalls for implementing Defense in Depth and Zones and Conduits best practices

  • The different kinds of industrial firewalls and the various types of filtering they do

  • Where and how to use different types of industrial firewalls to secure industrial control systems

  • Examples of using firewalls for
    - A network boundary
    - A small cell or external site
    - Security at the field level
    - Protecting a WLAN

  • The importance of “Learning Firewalls” and Network Management Software (NMS) as enablers of security, especially for existing industrial networks

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From the white paper:

“Rather than being a one-size-fits-all device, industrial firewalls come in a variety of form factors with a range of features and technologies optimized to play different roles as part of a comprehensive security architecture.”

“An easy-to-use firewall can be the difference between a solution that is feasible for use or a solution that is more of an obstacle than an enabler in the implementation of a security strategy.”

“By combining different firewall functions in an overall network defense strategy and by positioning the different types of firewalls in the network where they play to their strengths, it is possible to design networks that are prepared for the future and will stand the test of time.”

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