Download the white paper “Guide to Wireless Communication in Smart Grid Deployments

This white paper explains:WP Smart Grid Wireless

  • The key considerations and challenges around implementing wireless technology in smart grid deployments

  • Advantages of industrial cellular wireless communications over public networks

  • How to choose the right wireless network solution

  • Critical features for successful wireless connections

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You'll be on your way to sustaining the production and distribution of electricity by building the most reliable wireless network possible.

From the white paper:

“To employ reliable communications networks in densely populated areas with high amounts of distribution lines in mesh topologies, wireless technologies are the most suitable communication technology.”

“Using cellular over public networks combines the benefits of high penetration frequencies with the already available backbone from the telecom utilities connected to the Internet.”

“Smart grid communications networks are becoming even more sophisticated, and data rates are increasing to support new grid applications, such as distribution automation devices, metering infrastructure, security and mobile devices.”

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