Download the white paper: Parallel Redundancy Protocol Notably Improves Industrial Wireless Reliability

This white paper explains:WhitePaper_Parallel-Redundancy-Protocol

  • What Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) is and how it enables loss-free switching
  • How PRP compensates for interference or other small-scale disruptions
  • How PRP decreases network latency and transit time differences (jitter)
  • Examples of wireless/wired and mobile wireless applications
  • The importance of using a standardized redundancy solution

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Learn how PRP is a game changer for industrial wireless and how it might solve your application challenges!



Dr. Tobias Heer is responsible for embedded software development, focusing on wireless communications, security and redundancy at Belden’s Hirschmann brand.

For the last several years, he was a multi-project leader for projects in the area of industrial wireless networking.

Dr. Heer has a doctorate degree from RWTH Aachen University. His research focus has been mobile communications, efficient end-host mobility and network security.