Download the white paper "Wireless Train-to-Ground Communication"

This white paper describes:Wireless-Train-to-Ground-WP.jpg

  • The drivers of increased  competition amongst train operators in Europe

  • Three train-to-ground applications that improve capacity or passenger service:
    - Communications Based Train Control (CBTC)
    - Passenger Information System (PIS)
    - Surveillance Video (CCTV)

  • Example solutions for each application with illustrations and performance requirements lists

  • A typical  network architecture for railway system infrastructure

  • What to look for when choosing train-to-ground communication systems

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From the white paper:

"Rail operators are trying to differentiate themselves by deploying applications that provide a greater level of service to passengers while at the same time improving capacity."

"The use of real-time positioning systems provides a solution for capacity challenges and avoids the need for disruptive and expensive civil engineering projects."

"The communication link between the train and the ground infrastructure is critical. The performance and reliability of this link and the associated Ethernet-based systems will become even more vital."

"Domain expertise, products that have proven safety and reliability track records, and dedicated future-proof solutions are key attributes to look for when choosing train-to-ground communication systems."

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