White Paper "IEEE-802.11 Technologies for Fast Roaming"

The White Paper provides:CP_CS_IEEE802-11

  • An overview of the influencing factors that determine the quality of a Wi-Fi network

  • It also provides technical options for improving the quality of new and existing wireless networks in this environment

  • It presents already established approaches for optimization, as well as recently developed technical options on the latest devices, addressing the specific requirements for reliability and security of these mobile industrial applications in particular..

This White Paper illustrates, using the examples of train-to-ground communication and AGV application scenarios, which technologies are required for fast roaming in a Wi-Fi network.

From the White Paper:

"The objective of train-to-ground communication is to establish fast and reliable signal transmission between trains and the subway and track-side infrastructure. The network on a train can connect WLAN clients on the train via specialized Wi-Fi with different access points along the route."

"The network requirements for the AGV application are very similar in terms of coverage and interruptions. In this case, vehicles are moving autonomously through a manufacturing site to independently fulfill various tasks. The vehicles communicate with the infrastructure about sensitive and time-critical information necessary for autonomous operation, such as receiving control commands."

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