White Paper "Simplifying Rail Metro Ethernet Communications Networks"

The White Paper explains:Simplifying Rail Metro Ethernet Communications Networks

  • The Trends Driving Multiple Trackside Networks

  • TSN – Time Sensitive Networking

  • Implementing Rail Metro Networks with TSN to save CAPEX and OPEX costs

You'll be on your way to understanding how TSN technology can reduce the number of trackside Ethernet networks needed in metro systems.

From the White Paper:

"Traditionally, increasing the capacity on an urban rail network has involved large levels of capital expenditure on the rail infrastructure. Typical solutions to capacity challenges may have involved laying additional running lines, perhaps boring new tunnels and lengthening platforms to enable longer trains. These large civil projects are not only expensive, they are also potentially disruptive to running an operational service."

"TSN adds a level of determinism to Ethernet-based data communication that is able to meet even the highest demands placed on an Ethernet network."

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