4k-uhd-cable-newsBelden reveals new twisted pair cables designed for optimal performance in 4K HDBaseT audio visual transmission

St. Louis, Missouri – February 21, 2017 – Belden Inc. (NYSE: BDC), a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, announced the launch of its new 4K Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) Media Cables 2183P (plenum) and 2183R (riser). Belden 4K UHD Media Cables are designed specifically to deliver 4K content over HDBaseT up to 100 meters in a unique, small, sleek design. The products are now available for purchase through authorized Belden distributors.

“Belden conducted extensive HDBaseT testing in its Belden Engineering Center to better understand which cable characteristics best support the higher bandwidth needs of 4K video. Belden 4K UHD Media Cable is the result of the testing,” says Michael Saber, director of Marketing - Broadcast AV. “The cable was designed to support HDBaseT 5Play, but it is interoperable with various equipment brands.”

Belden 4K UHD Media Cables are also up to 25% smaller than other HDBaseT cabling solutions, such as CAT 7A, saving space in racks, conduit and cable trays. “Built with a durable, corrugated, foil shield and a helical drain, the 4K UHD Media product family is extremely flexible and designed to be installer friendly,” Galen Gareis, principle product engineer explains.

4K UHD Media Cables are manufactured using Belden’s patented Bonded-Pair technology, known for its superior electrical performance and resistance to the rigors of AV installation. The cable is rated to withstand 45 pounds of pull tension, much more than the typical 25 pounds of similar networking cables. The single overall foil shield provides 100 percent protection from noise interference and saves significant termination time, eliminating the need to terminate individually shielded pairs or a braid. Also, with just an overall shield, installers no longer need to be concerned about properly grounding individually shielded pairs to a modular plug which is not designed to accommodate this type of cable construction.

To further reduce installation time and costs, 4K UHD Media Cables can be terminated using the Belden REVConnect product line of modular shielded plugs and jacks eliminating the need to separate the bonded pairs. Combining REVConnect with the 2183 cable is proven to increase first pass yields and reduce the potential for rework.  Most importantly, REVConnect provides assurance to the installer that the termination is made properly and is reliable for accurate 4K HDBaseT transmission.

Visit info.belden.com/hdbaset to request a free product sample or download the “Cabling to Support 4K UHD HDBaseT Applications” white paper. For more information on REVConnect, visit http://info.belden.com/ecos/revconnect.

In the AV industry, the demand for higher performance communications has become more prevalent than ever before. As a result, the need has increased for professional quality cabling systems and components that can span a vast spectrum of applications.  Belden’s cabling and connectivity expertise and performance in the broadcast industry has positioned it as the brand that customers and consultants have come to trust.  As the industry adjusts to IP convergence throughout the broadcast and professional AV markets, Belden is well positioned with a broad product portfolio of audio, video, and communication solutions utilizing coax, fiber, hybrid fiber, multi-conductor and category cable and connectivity products including connectors, assemblies, panels and racks.