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Industrial networks technology & product certifications.

Master the knowledge required for complex and mission-critical networking deployments while gaining practical experience with industry-leading Hirschmann™ technologies. Our comprehensive certification courses cover both technology & product topics, and span three levels from Specialist to advanced Engineer accreditation.

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2021 Hirschmann Training & Certification Schedule

CertificationCourse NamePrerequisitesAvailability
HiES: Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet SpecialistCT1: Industrial EthernetNoneSee Availability
HiNP: Hirschmann Industrial Network ProfessionalCT2: Industrial NetworkingCT1 or Pass HiES ExamSee Availability
HiRS: Hirschmann Industrial Rail SpecialistCP1 – HiOS: Layer 2 Theory & Practice with HiOS SwitchesCT1 & CT2 or Pass HiES & HiNP ExamSee Availability
HiPP: Hirschmann Industrial Product ProfessionalCP2: Network Management with Industrial HiVisionCT1, CT2, & CP1 or Pass HiES, HiNP, & HiRS ExamSee Availability
HiSP: Hirschmann Industrial Network SecuritySP1: Network Security with EAGLE OneCT1 & CT2 or Pass HiES & HiNP ExamUpon Request Only
HiSP: Hirschmann Industrial Network SecuritySP3: Network Security with Multi-Port EAGLECT1 & CT2 or Pass HiES & HiNP ExamUpon Request Only
Technology Certification Program Detail

Certificate Description Prerequisite Topics Duration
Hirschmann Industrial Ethernet Specialist (HiES) Foundational training confirms basic Ethernet, redundancy, VLANs, & prioritization application skills. Certified individuals will gain skills to supervise switched networks & efficiently detect, localize & remediate issues. HiES Exam Industrial Ethernet (CT1) 2 days
Hirschmann Industrial Network Professional (HiNP) Certified individuals will gain important knowledge to manage large, mission-critical networks & IP communication, TCP/IP, multicasting, security & industrial protocol mastery. HiES Certification & HiNP Exam Industrial Networking (CT2) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Routing Professional (HiRP) Advanced training designed to build expertise in IP-related communication & networks with dynamic routing protocols for unicast & multicast data. HiES Certification & HiRP Exam Industrial Routing (CT3) 2 days
Hirschmann Industrial Network Engineer (HiNE) Highest form of accreditation combining HiNP & HiRP competencies—from design & implementation through commission to ongoing supervision of complex networks. HiES, HiNP & HiRP Certifications Professionals with HiES, HiNP & HiRP certifications awarded HiNE accreditation without exam requirement. Cumulative (HiES through HiRP)
Product-Specific Certifications

Certificate Description Prerequisite Training Duration
Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist (HiRS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Rail Specialist are able to offer wide-ranging expertise in all Layer 2 functionality for Hirschmann Switches. These products are generally located in the immediate vicinity of automation systems & machinery including a broad range of platform devices—rail Switches, OCTOPUS, PowerMICE & MACH product lines. HiRS Exam Rail Family (CP1) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Backbone Specialist (HiBS) possesses expert Layer 3 knowledge needed to commission, operate & maintain networks with routers from the Hirschmann backbone range. Due to the wide functional scope of these devices, certification provides evidence of rigorous & detailed knowledge in fields such as routing, network security & L3 redundancy techniques. HiBS Exam Industrial Backbone Devices (CP3) 3 days
Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional (HiPP) The interaction of different products in an ideally configured network calls for interdisciplinary knowledge. Individuals certified as a Hirschmann Industrial Product Professional (HiPP) will master the supervision & management of Industrial Ethernet using the Hirschmann network management platform (Industrial HiVision)—as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with other SNMP tools & SCADA software. HiRS Certifications & HiPP Exam Network Management with Industrial HiVsion (CP2) 2 days
Hirschmann Industrial Systems Engineer (HiSE) The most advanced certification level available (HiSE) offers candidates the opportunity to demonstrate comprehensive evidence of capabilities in the technological field (HiNE) & across products (HiPP, HiRS, HiBS). The Hirschmann Industrial Systems Engineer certificate guarantees a high-degree of competence in an individual’s ability to design, commission and supervise networks of any magnitude & complexity containing Hirschmann products. HiPP, HiRS, HiBS & HiNE Certifications Certificate holders automatically receive HiSE certification, without sitting an additional exam. Cumulative (HiRS through HiPP)
IBDN Systems Certification

Belden continues to offer certification training for IBDN Systems* enabling our partners to offer systems, products and installation standards, with the goal of optimizing network performance.

Certificate Who Should Attend Description Credits Earned
IBDN Installation Copper & Fiber ComponentsStructured Cabling Installers, Technicians, Project Managers, Process Engineers Rigorous two-day curriculum covering IBDN system components, industry standards & best-practice Belden installation requirements BISCI (14 CEC credits)
IBDN Design & ConceptingArchitects, Designers, Networking Consultants Two-day curriculum providing extensive hands-on learning in Belden fiber optic & twisted-pair connectivity technologies for commercial real-estate environment - IBDN 2400, 4800, 10GX Copper - FiberExpress UHD Cable Systems BICSI (14 CEC credits)