Industrial Training

Belden offers multiple options to gain additional knowledge, training and certification on Industrial Ethernet networks.

Certification Training

The Industrial Ethernet Training and Certification program allows individuals to earn a certification as a Specialist, Professional, or Engineer on the Hirschmann technologies. View the Hirschmann Certification Pyramid and the Curriculum Maps available for both Technology (CT) and Product (CP) expertise.

Networking Essentials

Learn the essentials of networking in a condensed and focused course that covers both the theoretical and practical components of Ethernet technology.

Network Solutions Roadshow Program

Learn the fundamentals, best practices and troubleshooting techniques for today’s industrial networks. Co-sponsored by Belden and local distributor partners, these events help you with the deployment, maintenance and security challenges you face every day. Find your nearby event here.

Learn the basics of Ethernet, redundancy options and the advantages of using network management tools

1 or 2 Days

  • Introduction to Ethernet
  • Layer 2 traffic & addressing (managed vs. unmanaged switches)
  • Layer 3 traffic & addressing (IP addressing & routers vs. Layer 3 switches)
  • Redundancy
  • Network Management
  • Network troubleshooting

Learn about the importance of cyber security for industrial control systems and the best practices for securing them

1 Day

  • Corporate & industry drivers
  • Defining risk & risk assessment
  • Defense in depth
  • Securing the network infrastructure
  • Securing endpoints, change detection & compliance auditing
  • Demonstration of tools & utilities for security principles

Learn how industrial assets differ from those IT personnel are accustomed to and how they are networked and secured

1 Day

  • Overview of Industrial Networking (OT)
  • Comparison of IT vs. OT systems
  • Vulnerabilities of Industrial Control Systems
  • Securing Industrial Control Systems
  • Demonstration of tools & utilities designed for plant & control network

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