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Channel Sales

Channel Account Manager | Channel Account Executive | Channel Development Director | Strategic Channel Manager | Channel Manager | Systems Integrator SI Channel Manager


My Objective

To successfully drive profitable growth within the defined country or region through management of a number of channel accounts, and to maintain or strengthen those channel relationships to maximize and exploit the partnership potential.

Principle Job Accountabilities

  • Sales Targets

    Ownership for a defined set of sales targets aligned to the responsibilities of the role, taking accountability for meeting and exceeding these targets over a sustained period.

  • Develop Channel Accounts

    Build a professional, long term relationship with a number of existing channel partners.

  • Manage Existing Relationships

    Build working relationships with Sales colleagues. Synchronize with Vertical sales colleagues who have responsibility for accounts that have channel partners as their fulfillment method.

  • Sales Funnel

    Timely completion of the monthly review of channel open orders / backlog, forecasts and Sales Funnel to enable Belden to make sound business decisions.

  • Reporting

    Obtain and accurately report on Point of Sale (POS), Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) and inventory data.

  • Setting Goals

    Communicate vision, goals and objectives from Policy Deployment to the channels to ensure clarity of strategy, and professionally manage channels against those goals and expectations.

  • Execution

    Take ownership for creating and executing against specific Initiative Action Plans, and achieve the desired business results. Ensure relevant Belden support in order to close key projects in the Sales Funnel.

  • Channel Performance

    Apply consistent and appropriate rigor to reviewing individual channel performance within the framework of the Belden PPP (Preferred Partner Program).

  • Inventory Management

    Provide business support to proactively manage inventory levels, to improve ROI, to ensure the correct inventory profile is in place, and to ensure both our business objectives are met.

  • New Product Introduction

    Ensure relevant new products are integrated within the channel portfolio.

  • Pricing Strategy

    Effective deployment of pricing strategies to ensure achievement of growth with smooth implementation.

  • Communication

    Operate as an effective interface between the Channel, the Business Units, Marketing and the Marcoms team to facilitate smooth management of activities.

Knowledge & Experience

  • Educated at least to degree level in a relevant field – Engineering or other technical field and / or Business (marketing, administration, economics) or possess a track record in professional career relevant to accountabilities of the role
  • Experience of working within a medium or large sized B2B organization
  • Experience of successfully operating in a matrix environment and experience of working closely with cross functional teams including Marketing, Operations and Finance
  • Knowledge and experience of working in a channel sales environment – demonstrate knowledge of COGS, inventory profiles, POS, pricing strategies and Sales Funnel
  • Experience of managing accounts in a structured methodology and process
  • Experience of working within an international environment advantageous
  • Demonstrate experience of understanding and applying knowledge of market dynamics, impact of competition
  • Demonstrate ability to work effectively with the Belden portfolio – technical expertise not required but an appreciation and ability to understand product applications is essential
  • Demonstrate analytical skills and the ability to work within a metric driven environment
  • Demonstrate a pro-active, flexible and pragmatic approach
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to travel in order to fulfil the duties of the role essential
  • English fluency to business standard essential plus relevant local language
  • Computer literacy essential – experience of CRM tool advantageous
  • Demonstrate the Belden Values

Developing Critical Skills

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Channel Core Fundamentals

Definition: Understands how channel business works; knowledgeable in the influence and operation of partner programs; knows and understands the core channel methodologies and processes; invests in the right partnerships.


Identifies gaps in the Partners capability that need support to improve. Understands Partners org chart and structure. Knows how much share of wallet Belden represents in the overall sales volume for the Partner. At this stage activities with partners are mostly opportunistic and often rely on legacy relationships. Would benefit from managing jointly agreed priorities via documented plans. Tends to treat all partners the same and is not yet able to recognize their individual potential. Is focused on managing what is there currently is not yet actively engaged in partner suite development. Contacts within the Partner are limited to one or few. Would benefit from cultivating time access and dialog with senior contacts. Limitations can be seen in the plans for partner's sell-through growth.


Identifies with the Partner what enablement is required across the different functions of their business. Sets a project plan and describes the completion status of each stage and expected timeframes. Promotes incentives within the Partner programs and agrees performance objectives with the Partner each year to optimize their engagement with the Partner program. Agrees business plan and objectives with the Partner and links investment to performance objectives. Can identify the names and job titles that are responsible for Sales and Management. Has dialogue with them and a Belden Value Proposition for them that is tailored for their business.


Identifies the a cross functional team within the Partner to coordinate enablement. Has key measures of success for each stage and by each relevant function within the Partner. Project manages the process and communicates across the Partner and internally around status of key milestones. Assess volume, product mix and potential of Partner to position within Partner program. Models scenarios that include increased share, exclusivity or joint investment to elevate Partner's status in the Partner program and promotes incentives. Effectively communicates this at Leadership level within the Partner. Understands the KPI's for Partner Sales and Management and articulates where Belden can deliver results that impact KPI's. Leverages this to motivate increased focus for Belden portfolio and agrees action plan with key stakeholders.

Inventory Management

Definition: Manages inventory pro-actively to ensure availability, continuously verifies inventory profiles, and manages alongside the channel partner to ensure that appropriate inventory is in place taking into account POS, Bookings, Product launches, and significant projects. Evaluates partner's open orders/backlog, forecasts and opportunity funnel to improve quality of decision making


Understands the importance of inventory management in Channel. Understands inventory, POS, Bookings, open orders / backlogs, forecasts and opportunity funnel. Focuses on inventory management as a short term sales opportunity for Belden, does not yet demonstrate responsibility to ensure availability. Intelligence fed into forecasting process is not accurate on a consistent basis. Insight of the partner's own opportunity funnel is still limited.


Has a regular schedule for reviewing inventory profile and status. Builds relationships with Partner's Sales organization to identify projects or market demands in the pipeline. Has a regular review of unfulfilled orders and communicates proactively with the Partner to update on status.


Takes a market driven approach to inventory profiling and communicates with Partner on market conditions and key projects that drive Inventory requirement. Proactively removes barriers to making relevant product categories available and has contingency for unexpected spikes in demand. Builds relationships between Partner and Belden Operational teams to manage open orders / backlog and communicate frequently on status and action plan to fix problems.

Understands Channel Partnerships

Definition: Identifies and leverages the partners business drivers, key measurements of success, investment strategies and profitability model; recognizes different partner stakeholders play different roles in the decision making process.


Understands Partner's profit across products. Understands partners strategy. Primarily focused on short term, product focussed activity with the partner. Doesn't yet understand or does not place importance on the internal KPIs the partner may have. Struggles to identify the synergy between the partners business drivers and strategies and Belden's. Would benefit from increasing their understanding of how their expectations may cause conflict with the partners success measurements.


Understands the business drivers and growth plans for the Partner. Knows where the Partner makes most margin and their key priorities for the coming year. Knows KPI's at an organizational level for the Partner. Uses the business plan and partner program to promote the value in investing with Belden.


Regularly reviews roadmap with the Partner and can identify their key areas for growth. Understands the competitive position of the Partner in their market and their goals by product category. Understands the Partner's internal operational priorities and constraints or investments required to scale. Knows KPI's at organizational and also at team / individual level. Understands the alternatives that the Partner is considering and models different scenarios before presenting options to Partner. Has a creative approach and can position Belden in the short, medium and long term around this investment.

Influencing Channel Partners

Definition: Verifies the key partner stakeholders and the role and authority they hold in business decisions; understands which key issues and business priorities affect partners at different levels; is a good listener and interprets intelligence well; always keeps problem ownership with partners.


Has access to Management in the Partner. Positions Belden within their business goals and agrees roadmap. Would benefit from investing time to foster additional relationships to expose the synergy possibilities for growth. May often reflect on agreements and recognize outcomes could have been improved if other / more people were involved. Minimal senior management consensus and commitment built into action plans. Primary focus is on order value to Belden. Needs to advance their thinking of how Belden can work with them to improve the success of their business.


Understands the Partner's org chart and decision making process. Has an idea of budgets and can identify the Degree of Influence of stakeholders in specific business decisions. Understands business issues and roles and responsibilities for different levels in the Partner's business. Prepares questions to introduce a questioning funnel and asks probing questions. Sets action plan with the Partner and regularly updates them of progress.


Understands the Partner's org chart, budget locations and political dynamics that impact their decision making process. Thoughtfully decides sequence of meetings and objectives for each meeting to build influence and support in decision making process. Understands the Buying Influences Win Results at each level and can speak confidently around product, commercial, strategic and operational topics. Prepares questions and uses questioning funnel. Asks around issues and opinions across the business. Personal accountability to resolve Partner issues and will engage a broad network in Belden to resolve.


Definition: Has clear objectives and planning processes that break down from long term strategic goals into defined SMART activities; focusses sufficiently on growth initiatives and plans with practicality and accountability in mind; utilizes metrics to measure partner performance; collaborates and involves the Partner on joint planning sessions and documents decisions.


Has a regular process for planning with the Partner. Agrees the goals and reviews them periodically with the Partner. Shares the plan with Belden and the Partner. Would benefit from increased collaboration with the partner. May often face difficulty to manage execution with the partner because the process or action plan steps have not been written down and agreed up front.


Agrees annual objectives with the Partner broken down into quarterly performance reviews. Uses Z Matrix to identify growth potential and action plans. Sets revenue goals for each quadrant with the Partner. Shares rolling 90 / 30 plan with Partner with actions described by person with deadline.


Agrees annual plan with cross functional team within the Partner. Agrees roles and accountabilities. Sets monthly milestones and tracks with Partner. Uses Z Matrix and drives growth strategy through campaign planning with Partner Sales & Marketing. Sets growth objectives by quadrant with specific revenue goals for campaigns. Shares rolling 90 / 30 plan with Partner with actions described by person with deadline.

Leading & Managing Partnerships

Definition: Accepts that all participants in a partnership have individual mindsets, behaviors and priorities, but is able to coach partners through the sales process and adapt strategies/plans to fit the situation; doesn't hesitate to build a team approach when required to ensure momentum and maximum impact; maintains focus on creating action outcomes that increase success.


Understands how the Partner manage's their sales opportunities and what resources they have internally to support. Would benefit from gaining a strong understanding of professional selling processes so they can contribute to the partner's selling efforts with their customers. Is not yet recognized by the partner as a sales resource and functions as a supplier. Does not yet leverage the wider Belden capability in order to support the partner to close an important sale. Receives status updates from the partner as they provide them. Struggles to provide any additional suggestions as to how they could approach the opportunity.


Uses Sales Funnel stages to determine activities to advance sales opportunities. Uses experience to give advice about next actions and supports preparation for meetings. Identifies complex opportunities and considers knowledge, experience, skills and relationships to select deal winning team. Uses Strategic Selling review process to align team and drive meaningful actions. Uses plan, revenue objectives and partner programs to motivate and encourage the Partner.


Has strong Coaching skills and can adapt style to the personality and level of experience of the Partner sales team. Has a clear approach to Sales Funnel and stages. Can Coach opportunity analysis in channel and brainstorm action plans with the Partner. Instills a structured approach that creates efficiency and focus in the Partner. Identifies complex opportunities and considers knowledge, experience, skills and relationships to select deal winning team. Uses Strategic Selling review process to align team and drive meaningful actions. Engages senior leadership team to add momentum and resources to team. Uses plan, revenue objectives and partner programs to motivate and encourage the Partner. Looks for Personal Wins for individuals within the Partner to increase motivation for success.

Customer Focus

Definition: Dedicated to meeting the expectations / requirements of internal and external customers; uses first hand customer information to provide products / services with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.


Knows who their customer is and what they want. Also sees who their customer's customer is. Primarily prioritises internal, operational matters over customers.


Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.


Deep knowledge of customers marketplace and the opportunities and threats that customers face. Connects Belden's go to market strategy with addressing issues in the customers business.

Dealing with Ambiguity

Definition: Can effectively cope with change; can shift gears comfortably; isn't upset when things are up in the air; doesn't have to finish things before moving on; can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty.


Has a practical and logical approach to managing their time with the objectives that they have. Does not yet demonstrate ownership of decisions in the face of ambiguity.


Can effectively cope with change; can shift gears comfortably; isn't upset when things are up in the air; doesn't have to finish things before moving on; can comfortable handle risk and uncertainty.


Sees ambiguity as an opportunity to drive positive change and add value.


Definition: Recognizes that all participants in a negotiation have individual objectives. Is able to identify the various objectives and adapt strategies to fit the situation. Maintains focus on creating options for negotiable items while considering non-negotiable items. Always invests the effort to build a proposition that results in a win-win outcome.


Takes a long term view to Partner relationships and looks for a Win Win where possible. Would benefit from increasing level of preparation before a negotiation commences to reduce the level of pressure and possible manipulation by the other party thereby improving the quality of the commercial agreement for Belden.


Enters the Negotiation with a clear walk away point but does not prepare a trading strategy for each component of the deal. When asked for a concession, makes it conditional on receiving something in return.


Prepared for Negotiation with entry and walk away point, list of components of the deal and a clear trading strategy. When asked for a concession, makes it conditional on receiving something in return.