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Channel Sales Leader

Channel Sales Manager | Channel Sales Director | Sales Director | VP Channel Development | Channel Manger | Senior Channel Manager


My Objective

To successfully drive profitable growth within the defined country or region through management of a professional Channel Sales team and to maintain or strengthen those channel relationships to maximize and exploit the partnership potential. The role also bridges Belden’s Policy deployment to executable Action Plans to ensure achievement of strategic goals within the defined country or region.

Principle Job Accountabilities

  • Sales Targets

    Ownership for a defined set of sales targets aligned to the responsibilities of the role, taking accountability for meeting and exceeding these targets over a sustained period.

  • Lead Sales Organization

    Create, develop and manage a team of professional Channel Account Managers to deliver growth in revenue.

  • Target Accounts

    Allocation of target accounts and assigning appropriate personal targets/objectives. Review individual performance and make quality recommendations for compensation purposes.

  • Vision & Objectives

    Communicate vision, goals, objectives & professionally manage team members against those expectations. Provide timely & relevant communication to enable them to perform to their maximum potential.

  • Cultivating Self Improvement

    Ownership for creating, reviewing and executing individual development plans in order to create a culture of continuous self-improvement and achieve business results though increasing the sales skills of the team.

  • Sales Coaching

    Provide coaching to develop critical sales competencies & improve individual performance levels. Utilize the tools available internally and achieve alignment to the Miller Heiman methodologies.

  • Reporting

    Ensure timely and accurate reporting is achieved by the Sales team. This will include reporting on funnel, opportunity mgt, revenue forecasts, Account Plans, specifications & SSO wins.

  • Cross Functional Relationships

    Operate as a key stakeholder in the Sales function to create strong cross functional relationships across the region to extend influence and control through the value chain.

  • Building Relationships

    Build long-term, value-adding relationships with Channel partners where active involvement by the management role has been determined as critical for success.

  • Collaboarations

    Facilitate and participate in collaborations across the region and the global Platforms to share intelligence, knowledge, best practices and achieve timely resolution of issues.

  • Fact Based Input

    Ensure consistent and appropriate rigour is applied to reviewing individual channel performance within the framework of the Belden PPP (Preferred Partner Program).

Knowledge & Experience

  • Educated to degree level in Business (administration, economics) Marketing degree or relevant Engineering subject or possess a track record in professional career relevant to accountabilities of the role
  • Experience of working within a medium to large sized international organization. Experience of successfully operating in a matrix environment. Experience of working with cross functional teams including Marketing, Product Development and Finance
  • Proven track record within a Sales role in a market relevant to the Belden organization
  • Proven track record of being able to deliver sustained sales results via channel partners including experience of managing a suite of channel partners across multiple territories, exiting and adding new channel partners, managing & implementing pricing strategies, new product introductions, POS / COGS / Inventory profiles
  • Knowledge and experience of end user sales / direct sales highly advantageous
  • Experience of managing a sales team including end-user sales. Experience of allocating sales resources to accounts / geographies / markets to meet the needs of the business. Experience of managing sales teams across multiple geographies advantageous
  • Experience of developing and improving sales team performance via a variety of sales leadership methodologies including account plan reviews, sales skill coaching and team objectives. Working experience of Miller Heiman methodology advantageous
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing
  • Demonstrate analytical skills and the ability to work within a metric driven environment
  • Ability to work successfully in a fast paced and pressured work environment
  • Demonstrate a pro-active, flexible and pragmatic approach
  • Ability to travel domestically and internationally as required to perform the duties of the role
  • Computer literacy essential - experience of using CRM system tools advantageous
  • English fluency to business standard essential
  • Demonstrate the Belden Values

Developing Critical Skills

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Channel Core Fundamentals

Definition: Understands how channel business works; knowledgeable in the influence and operation of partner programs; knows and understands the core channel methodologies and processes; invests in the right partnerships; develops robust plans for territory and market coverage; knowledgeable in the influence and operation of partner programs; is aware of how strategies & tactics work in the marketplace; ensures balance across the team on priorities for investment and effort.


Understands the structure and roles of the Channel. Can profile Channel Partners and align the Channel Partner program. May rely too much on legacy relationships at this stage and needs to build awareness of alternative partners and their level of market share or application specialisms. May assume the same Channel Partner will be equally good regardless of product lifecycle stage of product. Would benefit from building a stronger understanding of the partners strategy and take a longer term view of investment as a tool to drive results. Completes business planning with the Channel Partner but this is primarily on a reactive basis.


Has a process for regularly evaluating the size of the market. Can identify key growth areas by market. Has awareness of other potential Partners that cover that market. Agrees a Z Matrix with the Channel Partner to identify strategies for each quadrant. Can identify the Partner capabilities and enablement required for each quadrant (Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4). Identifies with the Partner what enablement is required across the different functions of their business. Sets a project plan and describes the completion status of each stage and expected timeframes. Agrees business plan and objectives with the Partner and links investment to performance objectives.


Has good insight into trends and drivers in regional market to understand the size and type of channel coverage required. Can identify the stage in the product lifecycle for each of Belden's offerings and has a rationale to partner selection based on each stage. Aligns enablement and investment to the channel partners customer base and the business plan, and tracks leading and lagging indicators of performance against the plan. Uses inventory strategically to gain competitive advantage when future market trends suggest growth. Selects partners that can inform their view of these trends.

Understands Channel Partnerships

Definition: Identifies and leverages the partners business drivers, key measurements of success, investment strategies and profitability model; recognizes different partner stakeholders play different roles in the decision making process; successfully accesses stakeholder power and influence; models and manages profitability taking into account price, mix, service; understands how partners make investment decisions and produces compelling proposals for investment by partner.


Understands the Partners business and margins. Identifies Partner's growth plans and can position Belden relevantly from a product basis. Would benefit from taking a wider view of negotiation and not simply to leverage advantage over Partner. Needs to build a stronger understanding of the impact of changes in mix. Struggles to see the overall value proposition that Belden offers to the partners business and how Belden can increase the Channel Partner's competitive position in their market. Needs to build greater visibility of the Partner's business beyond Belden products.


Understands what products are most profitable for the Partner and what alternatives the Partner has in addition to Belden products. Can articulate Opportunities and Risks in the Market from the Partner's perspective. Links market opportunities to business case for investment. Can describe the role that Belden plays in the Partner's business, the share of wallet Belden has in each product category and the importance of each category in the Partner's overall business. Has a plan to grow share and volume with the Partner.


Matches market opportunities with Belden's portfolio and consults with partner to quantify and target potential. Understands the Partner's business model and profitability and offers creative advice to Partner's on growing sales volume and margin. Understands how Belden can increase the Channel Partner's competitive position in their market.

Influencing Channel Partners

Definition: Understands who are the key partner stakeholders; can articulate key issues and business priorities that affect partners at different levels; able to determine the most effective role to adopt in order to manage partners at different stages of maturity; clearly identifies behaviors that build or destroy trust in relationships; demonstrates access, time and dialog with stakeholder power and influence.


Builds relationships and has empathy with the Partner and their business objectives. Understands that Partners of different sizes have different issues and concerns. Applies a consistent approach to everybody. Often experiences discord with Partners due to unforeseen channel conflict. Often has only one or few contacts within the Partner and is not yet clear on the hierarchy, politics and ethos of the Partner's business.


Understands what are the most important issues within the Partner at different stages of growth. Can describe the "typical" Partner characteristics at each stage. Qualifies this with the Partner to gain their buy in for business plan. Seeks to build lasting relationships through sustainable business models and practices. Has regular, scheduled meetings with the senior leadership team of the Partner and can discuss market and commercial factors impacting results.


Has the experience of watching Channel Partner's strategies in different markets. Can qualify the level of credibility of the Partner's leadership and has a qualified opinion about the growth plan and potential for a Partner to execute their plan. Has values and morals and can see the standards present within the Partner.


Definition: Has clear objectives and planning processes that break down from long term strategic goals into defined SMART activities; uses objective metrics to measure partner performance; facilitates and collaborates with the partner on joint planning sessions; identifies critical resources required and secures those resources.


Maintains a plan for the Partner's performance within Belden's financial year. Tracks leading and lagging indicators. Doesn’t yet consistently link resource allocation to performance or a business plan. Would benefit from expanding metrics beyond sales and inventory volume. Team planning is often based on short term needs and an opportunistic approach top partner suite development. Is not yet clear about rules of engagement and the issues or risk that this ambiguity can cause. Does hold joint planning sessions with a partner but these are not yet frequent and would benefit from a shared business plan. Is reluctant or lacks confidence in positioning the partnership with Belden.


Plans for growth first and then looks at investment required. Uses Z Matrix to qualify the types of resource required and leading and lagging indicators of success. Can identify the development priorities for their team and Parnters for the coming 12 months. Systematically applies and analyzes leading and lagging metrics for performance. Effectively communicates performance to the Parnter and agrees remedial actions. Has an agreed set of policies with their Partners that protect each others interests and share a common commercial goal. Can see the impact of decisions on the Partner and can identify possible scenarios for Channel conflict. Has a set Agenda for Quarterly / Monthly business reviews that includes an action plan to optimize performance in the coming month and / or quarter.


Assesses the return on Belden's investment across their Channel portfolio as if they were running their own business. Has established internal credibility and relationships to not only build the business case but to have credibility concerning the ROI that the investment delivers. Develops metrics that are relevant to product life cycle and level of maturity/sophistication of the Partner. Plans are a robust link between Belden's SDP process and executable action plans. Uses joint planning as an iterative process to maintain relevance and alignment with the Partner. Has senior engagement within the Partner and agrees action plans to execute as a result of these sessions.

Leading and Managing Partnerships

Definition: Accepts that all participants in a partnership have individual mindsets, behaviors and priorities; doesn't hesitate to build a team approach when required to ensure momentum and maximum impact; demonstrates the major components of performance coaching; maintains focus on creating action outcomes that increase success; dedicated to meeting the expectations/requirements of internal and external customers; establishes and maintains effective relationships with partners and gains their trust and respect


Identifies the shared interests and builds a roadmap based on common goals. Holds meetings that track leading and lagging indicators and set plans. Would benefit from improving the clarity of meeting objectives and increase the understanding by all attendees. Objections or difficulties in partnerships are often not anticipated and therefore responses cannot be planned in advance. Sets a consistent expectation of working style across their team. Primarily prioritizes internal, operational matters over partners. Does not place the success of the partner in the market high on their agenda.


Can identify the topics that arise in growing Partner relationships and the most suitable Channel role to address them. Has a clear understanding of the Sales Process and definitions of each stage. Uses a Coaching approach that enables others to prioritize and solve problems. Sees Coaching as part of normal conversation not a separate activity. Uses this Coaching and guiding approach to agree commercial or operational priorities that drive improved sales volume, product mix or profitability.


Sets context and purpose for the meetings. Ensures expected outcomes are understood and everyone who needs to be there is there. Uses individual team member's strengths to create most value. Has a systematic approach and enables others to own actions and deliverables within agreed timeframes. Sees Channel Management as a team that are deployed against specific Partner opportunities and potential. Has a rationale for team selection. Use coaching and questions to help Partners clarify and prioritize their priorities and action plans. Leverages previous Partner experiences to offer suggestions, increase options and add value.

Drive for Results

Definition: Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; is constantly and consistently one of the top performers; very bottom-line orientated; steadfastly pushes self and others for results.


Has a good understanding of Inventory profiles, Sales Pipeline and results. Can see gaps in funnel and puts countermeasures in place. May not demonstrate a high sense of urgency and clarity about the objective. Results are not consistently on target (or above). Would benefit from identifying issues that need resolution and execute against these within an appropriate timeline.


Breaks down key results into leading indicators for the Region and their Team. Tracks leading indicators and takes early action to protect the delivery of the result. Uses Belden sales tools to inform their knowledge of results. Develops (and hires) result focused team members.


Can be counted on to exceed goals successfully; is constantly and consistently one of the top performers; very bottom-line oriented; steadfastly pushes self and others for results. Holds team members accountable for results and provide feedback.

Dealing with Ambiguity

Definition: Can effectively cope with change; can shift gears comfortably; isn't upset when things are up in the air; doesn't have to finish things before moving on; can comfortably handle risk and uncertainty.


Has an open and flexible approach. Looks for opportunities in changing environments. Remains positive. Does not take active ownership of decisions in the face of ambiguity and may leave the ownership of change to others. Struggles to convince team and to buy in to a change in direction.


Can effectively cope with change; can shift gears comfortably; isn't upset when things are up in the air; doesn't have to finish things before moving on; can comfortable handle risk and uncertainty. Takes ownership for managing change in their team. Can convince team to change without always having concise clarity or design.


Sees ambiguity as an opportunity to drive positive change and add value. Able to create and implement robust action plans with minimal direction. Coaches the team on how to deal with ambiguity and uncertainty.

Developing Direct Reports

Definition: Provides the conditions and environment to maximize the potential of others and sees the progression of their team as a reflection of their success. Takes the time to consider the individual needs of the members of the team. Stretches their team for the purpose of development and invests in coaching.


Maintains a Personal Development Plan for all direct reports. Spends time each month with each member of their team. Would benefit from investing more time in Field Visits and Coaching. When hiring places insufficient emphasis on track record. May often hire based on subjective rapport and network of contacts. Does not yet place the development of their team high on their agenda.


Respects the Professional Development Plans as a right for all Direct Reports. Coaches and invests time in Field Visits to observe Direct Reports and give Coaching feedback. Sets clear development objectives and has consistency in their follow up. When hiring has a clear set of competencies, skills and values for each vacancy, prepares for interviews with a tailored, thoughtful approach. Holds themselves accountable for development and performance discussions with the Team. Manages performance, poor performance and high performance.


Sees Talent Management and Succession Planning as a continuous process. Considers how roles might evolve in Belden's future and profiles high potential candidates accordingly. Sees direct reports progression as a reflection of their success. Uses a competence profile to benchmark talent. Applies rigorous assessment to uncover strengths and weaknesses. Hires the best people available from inside our outside; is not afraid of selecting strong people. Invests time to develop / enhance capabilities of the team.

Customer Focus

Definition: Dedicated to meeting the expectations / requirements of internal and external customers; uses first hand customer information to provide products / services with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.


Understands customer objectives. Can prioritize activity to give most value to customers. Often prioritizes internal, operational matters over customers. Does not yet invest sufficient time with customers (internal & external) , building key relationships.


Is dedicated to meeting the expectations and requirements of internal and external customers; gets first hand customer information and uses it for improvements in products and services; acts with customers in mind; establishes and maintains effective relationships with customers and gains their trust and respect.


Deep knowledge of customers marketplace and the opportunities and threats that customers face. Connects Belden's go to market strategy with addressing issues in the customers business.