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Aspire is an internal program; designed by Sales for Sales.

Aspire was launched in Q3 2016 and represents a starting point for the function’s journey to becoming a world class sales organization. The primary objectives for Aspire are:

  1. Improve transparency for career planning and development
  2. Increase collaboration among commercial leaders
  3. Improve the use of standard work across commercial areas

The website has been designed to provide sales associates with a simple, user friendly resource. The site currently contains a toolkit to support career planning and development discussions. More content will continue to be added to the site as the Aspire program develops and grows and materials will be updated on a regular basis.

The role profiles on this website have been designed to be relevant across all our global businesses. To achieve this level of coverage the profiles describe the context of a role rather than dwell on specific position titles. Below each role profile title you will see a short glossary of example job titles that would typically link to that profile. If after reading the role profiles you are still unsure which is most relevant to you then please speak to your manager who will be able to help you.

The profiles have been created to give everyone in Sales more clarity on our most common roles across Belden. Whilst we have attempted to make these as globally relevant as possible the nature of such an activity means there will be elements of every profile that are more or less relevant when you apply it to an individual’s position. This is because our regions, platforms and teams often have local nuances that are difficult to capture in a global profile. If you feel the variances between the role profile and your own position are significant then please raise this with your manager and you can discuss this together.

Our initial focus has been roles that are dedicated to outside sales activities. If we feel as a team it would add value to extend this scope then we can include this in our next planning stage.

We have created some placeholders on the home page where we have identified important roles to include but the content of these profiles are still under construction. Content will continue to be added to the website over the coming weeks.

The purpose of this program is to focus on associate development. The career pathways you can see on the website are illustrative only. These illustrative paths are created to offer people greater visibility on the typical paths you might except to see an associate develop their career in Sales; whether that includes an ambition to take responsibility for managing others or progressing as a high performing sales person. Over time, as we become more experienced in how we interact with the Aspire tools we may agree a link is important but at this stage we plan to use the tools to help guide career and development discussions only.

As we provide greater clarity on the drivers for success within roles we recognize our associates may want to sit down with their managers to discuss their current stage of development, what areas would be important to focus on in the future and how this fits in their career aspirations. The timing of these discussions will vary by individual but we would anticipate over the duration of this year we will see our associates initiating these type of discussions with their managers so they can get value from the tools launched.

The Aspire program is intended to be a dynamic program that we embed into our daily lives within Sales. The content of the program will continue to grow and the tools and resources will expand.

The focus in the short term is to allow people time to navigate the tools to build familiarity and understanding and then engage with their manager on how they want to interact with the program to support their personal career growth.

The tools contained in Aspire are intended to outline consistent expectations of our most common sales roles and provide a method to measure gaps relative to those expectations for skill and career development purposes. The emphasis is on providing better visibility to skill and career development, thereby helping people to advance their skills and improve their employability.


This investment in skill development is continuous and therefore is complementary to the Belden performance review process which looks at a combination of your achievement against annual objectives and how you demonstrate the organizational values.

Developing your skills is your responsibility but your manager is there to be an active supporter and coach. When you start looking at the role profile most relevant to your current position you may identify some development areas that would be beneficial to prioritize and put development actions against. Your manager will be able to support you in this exercise and provide you with feedback.

This program is focused on associate development and how individuals can use the tools provided to discuss their development and career. We don’t have any group benchmarking exercises planned around the compensation topic. If you have an individual question or concern then you should raise this in the normal way with your manager.