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Government Solutions by Belden

We help government agencies support and transmit massive amounts of data - classified, private and public - at local, regional and national levels.

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Belden's Dedicated Government Solutions Team is Ready to Help

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JJ McCarthy

J.J. joined Belden the summer of 2018 as the U.S Federal Director of Sales under the Strategic Account team. He has been in the Federal market for 22 plus years with a wealth of experience in all aspects. From all four of the Department of Defense Agencies, Civilian Agencies, Intelligence Community, Federal Systems Integrators and Federal Resellers. He is committed to working with and helping to improve Layer 1 technology solutions throughout the U.S. Federal Government. Based out of Northern VA, J.J. holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management and Economic degree from Christopher Newport University.

Maurice Uenuma web

Maurice Uenuma

Maurice Uenuma is Vice President of Federal for Tripwire. He brings an understanding of cybersecurity best practices, having served as COO at the Council on CyberSecurity, Vice President at the Center for Internet Security (CIS), and Workforce Management co-chair of the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Working Group at NIST, as well as business development and strategy experience at Perot Systems and Dell. Maurice is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and veteran of the United States Marine Corps, with a Master’s degree in National Security Studies from Georgetown University. He is a GIAC-certified Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP).

Jillian Little web

Jillian Little

Jillian Little, Vice President of Sales, is responsible for Thinklogical sales to U.S. Department of Defense and civilian U.S. Federal Government agencies. Jillian brings more than 25 years’ experience selling technology solutions to government and defense for companies including Black Box Network Services, Hewlett Packard, VMWare and Dell. Based in Virginia, Jillian holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Wesleyan University.

Target Markets

  • Data centers

  • MILCON (military construction)

  • Federal hospitals

  • Transportation: vehicle platforms and infrastructure projects

  • C4/5ISR

  • Command and control centers


(Signal and control cable made from purchased copper)

(Fiber optic from purchased strand)

(Fiber optic connectors manufacturing)

(Coax cable, nonferrous, made from purchased nonferrous wire)

(Coax cable, nonferrous metals, made from purchased nonferrous metals)

(Boxes, electrical wiring, manufacturing)

(Computer Terminal and Other Computer Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing)

Belden simplifies your project management by partnering with you through the entire journey of your project

Explore the ways in which Belden can assist throughout the process by clicking on the stages below.

  • 1

    Need & Research

    Need & Research

    Our dedicated government services team supports your architect and design teams from the start. We’ll find you the right technology consultants so you get what you need to succeed.

  • 2

    Evaluate & Test

    Evaluate & Test

    Belden will educate and inform your project consultants, giving them full access to our technical experts. Our tools and resources provide valuable information whenever and wherever you need it.

  • 3

    Select & Specify

    Select & Specify

    If your application is unique, Belden will work with your technology teams to provide quality, custom solutions. Belden’s PartnerAlliance program connects you with certified installation contractors anywhere in the world.

  • 4

    Procure & Receive

    Procure & Receive

    Belden offers special project pricing globally, and, when it comes to material supply and logistics, our products are stocked by our distribution partners and available worldwide, guaranteeing that you get the solutions you need - when you need them.
  • 5

    Install & Certify

    Install & Certify

    To ensure your solution is deployed properly, we’ll conduct site and performance audits, providing warranty test results so you know exactly where you stand. Our one-of-a-kind 25 year warranties future proof your investments.

  • 6

    Use & Maintain

    Use & Maintain

    Because day two is just as critical as the initial install, our team stays in touch even after project completion to address any questions or challenges that arise after you open your doors.

  • 7

    Replace & Upgrade

    Replace & Upgrade

    Belden’s ongoing research and development keeps us ahead of technology changes. As the future unfolds, we’ll share our expertise to inform and educate you on recent emerging trends.

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Government Compliance

Belden remains well-informed about Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations (DFARS) and relevant funding legislation. Please direct all requests for ARRA, BAA, and TAA compliance to JJ.McCarthy@belden.com.

Belden Supports Several Government Applications


Local Area Networks (LANs)

Belden’s top-performing structured cabling systems reduce downtime, ease deployment and facilitate migration to advanced networking technologies and converged building systems.

  • Copper category cable
  • Fiber optic cable
  • Copper and fiber field-term connectors
  • Patch cords
  • Patch panels

building security icon-01


Belden offers a full complement of cables for access control, alarms, CCTV, computer interconnects, fire alarms and other security applications, complete with water-blocked options for installation in intermittently wet environments.

  • Multi-conductor cable
  • Coax cable


Data Center Solutions

From the demarcation point in the entrance room to the cross connect and the equipment rack – and all the cabling in between – Belden’s data center solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while improving cooling, power and density efficiency.

  • Racks
  • Cabinets
  • Cable management
  • Power and monitoring
  • Heat containment



Designed to support a wide range of signal formats including HDBaseT, HDMI, DisplayPort and AVB, Belden’s AV products are optimized for classified and unclassified government applications, providing high-performance video display, audio distribution, automation and lighting control.

  • Broadcast and AV cable
  • Connectors
  • Panels
  • Assemblies
  • Video, audio, USB and KVM extenders
  • IA-accredited secure matrix switches

Pairing With Technology Partners for a Complete Solution


Thinklogical manufactures the only highly scalable, mid-to-large fiber-optic KVM matrix switches that are IA-accredited to manage multiple classifications of information through a single switch, dramatically reducing infrastructure cost and complexity, increasing cyber security and minimizing the requirement to air-gap networks at the desktop.

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Secure government agencies against cyberattacks and meet evolving compliance requirements with system integrity monitoring and other modern foundational controls.


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PartnerAlliance Contractor Program

Belden has a network of vetted and certified installers across the globe that are authorized to offer a 25-Year Product Warranty and Lifetime Application Assurance Programs for Belden end-to-end structured cabling systems. Through this PartnerAlliance Program, we can connect you with installers that have one or multiple levels of federal facility clearances.

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