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Consultant Testimonial

Belden's own, David Wells, sits down with Dave Callahan of FEA Consulting Engineers to discuss the unique challenges and ever-changing technologies of the Casino industry.

"Belden has a dedicated gaming and hospitality unit that specifically we can use on a day to day basis."

Dave Callahan, Employee
FEA Consulting Engineers

Belden Has A Proven Track Record With Casinos


Wireless Means Better Wire Webinar

Wireless networks rely heavily on wire and cabling – without it, our networks won't be prepared to handle IoT, growing numbers of connected devices and other changes headed our way. Attend this one hour webinar to make sure your network (and your cabling system) is ready.

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How DAS Enables Valuable Building Connectivity

Buildings are radically transforming to become more connected and create smart environments. Today, building owners must think about wireless infrastructure and its ability to provide increased speed and greater intelligence, and enable devices beyond the ones utilized by people. 

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