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Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) is a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hospitality professionals and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable them to do business globally in the 21st century. Belden’s Director of Global Hospitality, John Wojnicki, sits down with HTNG’s CIO, Patrick Dunphy, to discuss Belden’s partnership with the association.

"Belden's been a great partner to HTNG. Belden has the expertise, the time commitment, and the resource commitment to be able to help you in any project that you have around ICT infrastructure."

Patrick Dunphy, CIO
Hospitality Technology Next Generation


Grand Velas - Los Cabos

Grand Velas Los Cabos needed a structured cabling network that offers the highest performance, is robust and is compatible with the resort’s minimalist, elegant design.

"We wanted solutions that could translate into sustainable savings for Grupo Velas, as well as offer low maintenance and labor costs."

Edgardo González, IT Director
Grand Velas Los Cabos

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How DAS Enables Valuable Building Connectivity

Buildings are radically transforming to become more connected and create smart environments. Today, building owners must think about wireless infrastructure and its ability to provide increased speed and greater intelligence, and enable devices beyond the ones utilized by people. 

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Wireless Means Better Wire Webinar

Wireless networks rely heavily on wire and cabling – without it, our networks won't be prepared to handle IoT, growing numbers of connected devices and other changes headed our way. Attend this one hour webinar to make sure your network (and your cabling system) is ready.

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