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Looking at Industrial Wireless from a New Perspective

Frequently Asked Questions


Is wireless fast enough? Will I have the throughput and speed I need?

Data speeds exceed 100Mbps and are rapidly expanding - now up to 450 Mbps.


Will wireless work in my environment?

There are a number of features in the Hirschmann product line that have been designed and tested especially for the unique challenges of the industrial environment. For example, ClearSpace proactively eliminates noise, and additional features protect against temperature fluctuations and vibrations.


Is wireless reliable enough for my use?
Is it stable enough for my use?

You have always been able to integrate standards like RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) to increase reliability. With the introduction of "Integrated PRP," reliability soars to a whole new level – close to Zero Failover.


Is wireless secure enough?

Encryption and advanced firewalls, among other solutions, provide end-to-end data and system protection that challenge and exceed wired security.


Is it easy to design/deploy?

From planning the coverage to the use of integrated programming wizards in the hardware, Belden's industrial wireless solutions are as easy to deploy as a wired solution.

Is it easy for my group to operate/maintain?

Belden has custom-designed a complete, practical solution for wireless. It’s not just a handful of access points networked over time in an ad hoc way. There are a lot of tools and options built into the solution that make managing configuration and security within a wireless network easy.

Why wouldn't I just use what IT is suggesting? Why is the Hirschmann product solution best?

High meantime between failure designs is much more important in the manufacturing environment than for standard IT. In addition, custom solutions for handling the noise, vibration, and harsh cleaning chemicals of industrial settings are an integral part of our solutions.