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For the past few years, in addition to publishing Belden 360 every other month, we’ve sent out individual emails covering new product launches, event invitations, product change notifications and other news. Thus, you might be hearing from us two-three times a week.

Your feedback indicates that fewer, more targeted communications would be better. So, beginning in April that’s just what we’ll do. Here’s what the new Industrial communication program will look like:

  • Consolidated email newsletter sent every other week
    (on Thursday)
  • Option to choose what content you receive through
    an easy customer profile form
  • Dedicated web page on www.belden.com where you
    can always find the latest news
  • Discontinuation of both the bi-monthly Belden 360
    and individual emails
Customer Voice

We'll keep you posted!

The new program launches in mid-April. We look forward to hearing from you about these changes. 

We’ll continue to listen to your ideas and make improvements to serve you more effectively.