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Smarter manufacturing today, and in the future

As experts we know like no-one else the increasing challenges and customer expectations manufacturers are facing in this fast moving and complex times.

We are dedicated to guide you towards smarter manufacturing and better business results.

Discover how our customized solutions have helped manufacturers across the world:

  • boost efficiency
  • become agile and flexible
  • improve safety & security



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As your go-to partner, Belden helps you achieve better business outcomes, we will work together designing and maintaining a future-proof smart manufacturing network and co-creating a custom industry 4.0 roadmap. Find how our network solutions can help you achieve better results.

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End-to-end solutions partner

The use of smart technology for industrial automation (industry 4.0) enables large-scale manufacturing improvements towards flexible production, informed decision-making and operational excellence. This means that the optimal smart manufacturing network will not only keep your factories up and running, but make your discrete manufacturing business more competitive and profitable

A future-proof network in which IT and OT are fully connected and secured to the highest standards allows you to manufacture faster and cheaper than your competitors. It is the backbone of industrial improvements like edge computing, predictive maintenance, remote commissioning, cooperative automation, robots, and advanced analytics.

OurCustomer Innovation Experts will connect & protect manufacturing businesses the best with the industry’s most complete suite of end-to-end networking solutions. Our trusted advisors help you achieve better business outcomes by boosting efficiency, agility, safety and security.


Get started with smart manufacturing:

Boost efficiency

Become agile and flexible

Improve safety and security








Sustainable manufacturing

According to scientific research, digitalization in manufacturing contributes positively to environmental sustainability by increasing resource and information efficiency. Applying industry 4.0 technologies throughout the product lifecycle results in a smaller eco footprint, less harmful energy sources, materials and chemicals, optimized energy efficiency and decreased costs in manufacturing. So, digital industrial innovation is not only great for your company, but for the planet too!





Other benefits of Belden as your partner:

  • One partner for all your discrete automation solutions who manages the network architects, the service agents, distributors, installers and external supplies.
  • Presents and protects a strategic, future-ready and clear innovation roadmap in which costs and return on investment for management, factory workers, the IT team and engineers are balanced and the impact on other prioritized projects is considered.
  • Highly experienced in solving OT challenges and IT & OT convergence.
  • Validation before implementation in the Belden Customer Innovation Center (CIC).
  • Qualitative industrial solutions for cabling, networking, and cybersecurity - from Belden's own brands or from industrial software and hardware allies.
  • Protocols and standardized financing processes for industrial networking and automation products and services are supplied.

Boost efficiency

Boost production and secure the factory flow with Belden as your solution partner. For smart manufacturing today and in the future, you need a reliable, future-proof industrial network so you 1. Coverage IT and OT systems and 2. Create the perfect data grid and 3. Implement ore industrial automation. We will guide you in your industry 4.0 journey.

Find out how our network solutions can help you boost efficiency.

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Efficient manufacturing

When it is your job to boost productivity and guard manufacturing continuance, changes are that you are continuously challenged by budget constraints, material shortages, market dynamics, regulatory changes, and varying customer demands. You’re maybe not only worried of the effects they can have on manufacturing operations, but also on your employees. Operational data and insights are key in managing these challenges.

Smart manufacturing networks can provide those insights, so your manufacturing team can respond quickly and think ahead. I.a. more automation, faster information transfer, and better asset management will increase efficiency, boost production and increase management and staff satisfaction

  • Higher equipment efficiency & uptime
  • Higher staff productivity
  • Less failure and less downtime
  • Cost savings

Your smart manufacturing partner

Belden builds, maintains and guarantees a reliable and secure industrial network that enables smart(er) manufacturing. We can help you innovate with powerful, scalable industrial automation solutions that boost efficiency and spread the feeling of flow around the factories. 

We know that any investment in new solutions has to work from the start and deliver measurable value. That’s why we built the Customer Innovation Center (CIC) so that you can see how our solutions will work in your environment and take it for a test drive before roll-out.

Agile manufacturing

Keep your business unit profitable and lead the market by transforming to a data-driven, automatized and flexible production hub. Give your team no room for excuses to make your manufacturing more profitable. Belden will help you prepare for the future and help you discover and deploy the steps toward agile manufacturing. 

Find out how our network solutions can help you. 

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Flexible production will be crucial

Smart business unit managers secure their business continuance based on a regular strategic evaluation of the market and the value chain. Today, many of them conclude that their business unit won’t be profitable in the long term if the technological transformation of manufacturing isn’t accelerated. Manufacturing seems more and more vulnerable to external (market) threats and isn’t prepared for changing stakeholder beliefs. 

Production should be more flexible and sustainable, operations should be more efficient, management should be more agile. Belden’s complete end-to-end networking solutions are the starting point for disruptive changes that make your manufacturing more profitable. As your external consultant and innovation partner, Belden also advises on your industry 4.0 roadmap and helps your team test the business impact and profitability of innovative industrial automation solutions before implementation

Together, we can create a roadmap that enables:

  • Better business intelligence
  • Fast workflow adjustments and adaptations
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Integrated supply chain
  • Less hindrance of changing workforce
  • Ability to service more customers or service them in more ways 

Safe and secure manufacturing

Smart industrial cybersecurity solutions can eliminate hazards and threats and minimize risks in manufacturing.

Safe and secure industrial networks protect you from:

  • Costly service disruptions
  • Regulatory fines
  • Peutational damage
  • Stolen intellectual property
  • Injuries and deaths

Safe and secure industrial networks allow you to profit from:

  • Maximum uptime
  • Improved quality
  • Cost savings
  • Higher company value

Find out how our smart industrial cybersecurity solutions can you help you minimize risks.

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Today in manufacturing, it is very important to keep inspiring your team towards continuous improvements, sustainable operations and on-time delivery - despite changing customer demands, material scarcity, cutbacks and limited resources. Belden’s industrial products and services help you increase plant capacity and operational flexibility that improve capacity output and customer satisfaction step-by-step. In that way, you can drive positive change for your team and your customers, without risking daily operations and logistics. 

First the IT specialists of Belden will improve the security of your IT systems and the safety of your OT systems using smart industrial cybersecurity solutions. Then, the architects and engineers of Belden will test and deploy a fully customized and scalable integrated IT-OT network. As your assistance, they’ll create plans for the priorities you’ve set. As a coach and project manager, they will support your team on their industry 4.0 journey

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