Celebrating 120 years of growth through innovation

Through three industrial revolutions - and now a fourth - Belden has played a key role in countless stories that have impacted people around the world.


In 1902, Joseph Belden founded the Belden Manufacturing Company to produce the magnet wire used in telephone switchboards. Soon after, Belden's wire enabled the invention of home appliances like toasters, coffee makers and waffle irons.


Charles Lindbergh and inventor/industrialist Thomas Edison professed the dependability of Belden products. Both the Spirit of St. Louis' historic flight and Edison's electrical distribution grid in the eastern United States made use of Belden products.


Letter from Thomas Edison to JC Belden, 1920

Stories like these and more illustrate who we've always been - a company that pushes the limits of what's possible. 


A new book, Belden: Birth, Growth & Transformation, chronicles Belden's history of innovation. We invite you to learn more about the company's fascinating story of where we've been, the contributions we've made, and why we remain uniquely positioned to deliver tomorrow's solutions to build the future.


Use the links on the right to listen to the audiobook (available in multiple languages) or download the PDF or flipbook to enjoy the many historical photos that capture Belden's unique journey.