FiberExpress UHD/Ultra Fiber System

Designed for fast, easy deployment of high-density interconnects and cross-connects in Data Centers and LANs, the FiberExpress UHD (FX UHD) System provides superior port access and protection, even while supporting ultra-high-density connections. Whether in a top of rack, end of row or centralized environment, the intuitive, modular design means fewer components and a single system to support a variety of port counts and configurations. Some configurations are not offered in the USA.

Features & Benefits

  • Cost-Effective Migration: Migrate from current 1G and 10G to 40G and 100G applications with only a simple cassette or adapter frame change
  • Maximum System Uptime: FX UHD includes all the installation and management features needed for easy and error-free maintenance
  • Design Flexibility: Use FX Ultra modules for dynamic MAC environments; Use FX UHD modules in static environments where density is the critical factor
  • Faster field-termination: Sliding/tilting drawers, fewer components, tool-less removable drawers and light-weight panels
  • Cost-Effective Pre-term: Family includes a low-cost fixed shelf that combines with pre-term cassettes for a fast, cost-effective pre-term option
Product Family