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Broadcasters Relying on More Fiber to Deliver On Demand Real Time Content

Benoit Chevarie

As stadiums and arenas focus on creating the ultimate fan experience, they also want to give viewers outside the stadium an immersive experience.

Shifting viewing habits have led to on-the-go, customized interactivity enabled by sophisticated mobile solutions. Even fans attending games are using mobile devices to interact with sports in new ways, interacting with broadcasted content displayed on devices as a complement to what they’re watching live.

To deliver on-demand, real-time content to viewers, broadcast control rooms are starting to look more like data centers, featuring rows of cabinets that house IP-connected servers instead of traditional master control operations and task-specific hardware.

Broadcast innovations – from IP migration to 4K content – rely on fiber connections for performance and uptime. And more fiber connections means more to manage. Are you ready to support high fiber counts while also providing scalability?

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