Broadcast & AV

Category 6A - Needed Now More than Ever    for AV Signal Transmission

Ron Tellas

With the increased demand for high-quality digital content, the AV world has adopted the use of IP or IP-like systems to transmit AV signals and provide power to display devices.

Technologies such as HDBaseT, SDVoE, Dante AV, AVB (Audio Video Bridging) and others have large bandwidth requirements that can only be handled with Category 6A cabling.


It is possible to use lower levels of category cabling to transmit AV signals by introducing compression to the digital signal to reduce bandwidth requirements. The drawback to compressing the AV signal, however, is the negative effect on image quality. As more compression is introduced, the likelihood of the received image having defects, artifacts or other distortions increases. To guarantee AV image quality, less (or zero) compression is applied, requiring more bandwidth.


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