What Will AV PoE Installations Require in  the Future?

Ron Tellas

Imagine what would happen if integrators could no longer pull and install PoE cable for AV projects. It would make their jobs a whole lot harder – and make it nearly impossible for them to install or integrate much of today’s AV technology, whether it involves digital signage or videoconferencing systems.

Unbeknownst to many, proposed legislation in 35+ states this year would have negatively impacted the way that integrators complete their work – including the possible requirement of an electrical license to plug in PoE ports or pull PoE cable.

Other bills this year have pertained to things like licensing, low-voltage lighting and connected devices. If any state legislation like this passes in the future, it could drastically change the way AV projects are designed and installed (and also increase their total costs, too, if licensing is needed to be involved).

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