How an MPO System Can Take Your Broadcast to the Next Level

Werner Eich

As more entertainment content is produced, the systems you choose to transport audio and video signals can make the difference between engaged fans who can’t wait for what’s next—and detached viewers who don’t feel the adrenalin.


Broadcast and entertainment venues are often temporary sites, like a global sporting event, live race, outdoor mega concert, once-a-year convention, national fair or red-carpet event. But just because a venue is temporary doesn’t mean its broadcast infrastructure should be subpar.


Many venues rely on multi-fiber push-on (MPO) systems because these fiber systems include a trunk, adapter and patch cord; they’re pre-terminated multi-fiber cables that connect to pre-terminated connectors to support fast installation and superior performance, ideal for temporary sites.

MPO Trunks from Belden are the foundation of faster, easier and better pre-terminated fiber connectivity solutions

To help you select an MPO system that takes your broadcasts to the next level, we gathered a list of recommendations to consider.


If you want a system that lives up to the same uncompromising expectations as your broadcast, then make sure it can do these six things:


1. Be Installed Quickly by One Person

If you know the right measurements and are willing to spend a little more upfront, then pre-terminated MPO systems can save you time and money.


MPO systems eliminate the need to splice connectors on the jobsite (which is a very time-consuming process). Instead, these plug-and-play systems are ready to be deployed by a single person when they arrive, significantly reducing installation and termination time in high-fiber-count projects.


This lets highly qualified personnel spend more time making the upcoming event stand out and less time focused on setup.


2. Operate in Demanding Environments

If an MPO system is going to be used in a broadcast or entertainment environment, then it needs to be designed for dusty, harsh and damp conditions. The connectors and cables need to withstand mud, rain, foot traffic, wide temperature swings and much more.


Look for MPO systems made with rugged connectors, like those with all-metal shell construction, to ensure impact-resistant connections. An IP68 rating lets you know the connectors are well protected against dirt, dust and water.


Fiber cable construction should ensure maximum performance and reliability in harsh environments, too (for example, jackets made from polyurethane [PUR] withstand sunlight, chemicals, abrasion, crushing and cutting).


3. Be Frequently Re-Deployed

Be sure your MPO system is designed to handle repeated deployment and retrieval with a rugged, resilient design. This allows the system to be reused and still deliver excellent performance every time.


In addition to reducing costs and stretching investments, the capability for frequent re-deployment also reduces your broadcast event’s impact on the environment by reducing unnecessary waste and reserving resources.


4. Extend System Operating Length

Consider an MPO system with hermaphroditic MPO connectors that let you combine multiple identical, plug-to-plug cable assemblies. These connectors mate to themselves to create economical, space-saving designs that extend system length without affecting fiber polarity.


Because you don’t have to worry about male/female interface compatibility with hermaphroditic connectors, they also reduce installation time and the number of materials you need onsite.


5. Take Up Less Space

In temporary broadcast environments, riggers, engineers and other workers appreciate components that are made to be light and easy to handle.


Small, round cables support fast installation with less physical effort. They occupy less space, are more comfortable to carry and add less weight to mobile trucks.


An MPO system with lightweight MPO connectors is also simpler to work with and easier to transport from mobile trucks to jobsites.


6. Offer High Levels of Performance

The quality of your production comes down to cable performance and reliability.


Search for an MPO system made with bend-insensitive fiber that supports long-distance, high-bandwidth connectivity to deliver high-speed signals.


Bend-insensitive fiber offers excellent pulling tension, low memory effect and outstanding resistance so it can survive whatever happens in these chaotic environments.


MPO Solutions for Rugged Environments

To help you overcome the challenges you face when installing mobile communications and broadcast systems in temporary environments, we offer fiber MPO Systems. They’re made with high-performance Belden components:


  • Micro Tactical Cable (24 or 48 fibers)
  • Hermaphroditic connectors with hard-anodized aluminum housing (2 or 4 MT Base-12/APC)
  • Patch panels (12 or 24 LC/UPC Duplex connectors)


This MPO System is designed for use in dusty and harsh environments to deliver high-speed signals for today’s ever increasing bandwidth requirements in the entertainment industry.


Its Micro Tactical Cables are futureproof for 10/40/100G and designed to facilitate fast, easy field deployment for professional broadcasters in TV, radio and broadcast trucks so they can cover outdoor news, sporting events and other temporary entertainment productions.


Hermaphroditic MPO Connectors drastically reduce installation time and costs while featuring an IP68 performance rating.


Finally, its 1U Pre-Terminated Patch Panels offer simple MPO connectivity (24 or 48 fibers) with rugged hermaphroditic connectors on the back. On the front, it features 12 or 24 LC/UPC Duplex connectors. Panels are designed to be used on both sides of the system.




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