What to Do When Angled Plugs Don't Work

Daniel Charles

What happens when AV devices (projects, displays, etc.) are mounted at a strange angle, in a tight space or with mounting brackets that partially block access to the RJ45 port?

Some may require angled plugs during installation (45-degree or 90-degree angles), some could require a regular plug and some may require a patch cord, biscuit box and jack. This variability slows down installation and increases project costs – and means you have to manage different types of plugs.

Luckily, Belden has uncovered a solution. In addition to providing one plug that’s 100% compatible with literally any IoT/AV device – regardless of where it’s installed or how it’s mounted – the REVConnect® FlexPlug can also reduce installation time and costs. Its flexible, Bonded-Pair design accommodates 90-degree to 180-degree bends from the connection interface. And its small-footprint, low-profile plug ensures that it can fit in extremely small spaces.

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