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Finding the Perfect MuTOA Box

Kristen Poulos

Sometimes you know what isn’t working, or what you don’t need – but it can be hard to describe what you reallybdo need. Whether it’s a server or a patch cord, it can be challenging to find a solution that’s “just right”: not too big but not too small, allows for scalability but not overly so, etc.

One of our customers was recently struggling with a problem just like this. They were looking for a MuTOA box (multi-user telecommunications outlet assembly) on the smaller side: with six ports. They found something that came close to offering what they needed; after it was deployed, however, they determined that it wasn’t fully meeting all of their requirements. They needed a MuTOA box that would allow their in-house team to rapidly shift and revamp workstations as needed, as well as speed up deployment time during MACs (moves, adds and changes).


What’s a MuTOA?

MuTOA boxes provide multiple ports (typically between six and 24) for a variety of media types. They’re not just intended for RJ45 jacks – they can support multimedia modules and fiber cable and connectivity. But MuTOA boxes are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, offering various numbers of port counts, so it’s not surprising that our customer was having trouble narrowing in on the right one.


An integral part of any zone cabling system, MuTOAs are designed to support open-office environments that are often rearranged and reconfigured. A group of telecommunications outlets are positioned together in a single assembly housing, which is typically located within a group of modular furniture to support multiple users and protect cables from damage.


A MuTOA to Meet New Needs

The customer who couldn’t find a MuTOA to meet their requirements certainly isn’t alone. Through customer feedback, we discovered that network managers everywhere were facing a real struggle in selecting a MuTOA that offered everything they needed.


MuTOA box 

Thanks to the professionals who told us what they wanted, we were able to develop and launch Belden’s KeyConnect 6-Port Media Box. Potential users gave us a long list of requirements, pointing out what they didn’t particularly like about their existing MuTOA choices. We used that information to create a MuTOA box that solves every challenge they posed.


Customers Asked For... KeyConnect 6-Port Media Box Provides...
Accommodation of a wide range of cables Rear opening large enough to accommodate a bundle of six Category 6A cables, including a wire binder (mesh sleeve, heat shrink, zip tie)
Compatibility with a wide range of modules Keystone footprint to support copper modules, fiber optic modules and multimedia
Durability and color-degradation resistance Blend of super-durable plastic resin and UV-stabilizing resin
Flexibility to handle rapidly changing stations Ports deploy around MuTOA for clustered workstation deployment and redeployment
Multiple mounting options Several mounting choices, along with screws and foam sticker pad


By working closely with the customer who had difficulty finding a MuTOA that allowed their team to rapidly shift and revamp workstations as needed, as well as speed up deployment time, we understood exactly what they were looking for – and could develop a custom solution. And that’s what Belden does best.


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