Lumberg Automation Green Initiatives

The Lumberg Automation brand has environmental protection at its heart

As part of our environmental program we undertake to implement concrete measures in order to achieve a continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Lumberg Automation Green Initiatives

Product Strategy

All our new developments are green

One major objective in the Lumberg Automation product development process is to select materials and apply manufacturing processes that make sound environmental sense. Product design is optimized for a long lifetime which reduces the need for exchange and limits waste.

Each of our products is optimized to reduce resistance when they connect during their lifetime; this ensures that electrical losses are reduced to a minimum and energy savings are at a maximum.

Designed for sustainability

The design of all new products focuses on green aspects such as low power consumption, and reductions in materials like copper and plastics. All new product developments are designed to be green.

Lean Initiatives

Achieving lean and green production efficiencies

We manufacture exclusively on customer demand, we only expend material and energy on products which are needed. Moreover, the Lumberg Automation lean approach to production drives us to identify waste and find new and more efficient processes for the future.

By strictly applying our continuous lean improvement process, we reduce material and energy consumption to a minimum, meeting high standards of green production.

Green Initiatives Lean Lumberg

New initiatives

Lumberg Automation operates a number of waste reduction programs and recycles 100% of the remaining scrap in production. We optimize and maximize the use of machinery.

Using returnable packaging materials, we pack multiple orders for the same customer together, thus saving material.

Most of our suppliers are ISO 14001 certified and 80% of our direct components suppliers are located close to our plant so we are able to reduce the energy consumption for transportation.

Research and Development

Reducing the ecological impact of our products

In the early stages of product development, we study the ecological aspects such as energy and resource consumption as well as the product‘s future disposal. We set out to constantly reduce the energy consumption of our products.

To achieve this we use the latest innovations such as new material technology, thus creating more efficient devices, saving on energy consumption, whilst at the same time offering enhanced features. Where possible we choose for low-energy design, and the development of re-usable modules.

Lumberg Automation products are created with a long term life expectancy. All our products are covered by WEEE and fully conform to the required and current standards approvals.


Designed to meet customer needs

During the product development phase, we always consider the ecological impact of our products. All Lumberg Automation products are designed to customer specification, only after we have identified the exact costumer requirements. This is important as it avoids unnecessary over-engineering and over-production.

We minimize our environmental impact further by using professional development tools and integrated R&D processes.


Reducing waste and CO2 emissions

We only use materials that meet – or exceed – legal regulations and the specific needs of our customers. This includes their performance according to European guidelines REACH and RoHS. All packaging materials are fully recyclable. This includes their performance according to European guidelines REACH and RoHS. All packaging materials are fully recyclable.

Confirmation for European Community Directive 1907/2006/EC (REACh)

We avoid costly and unnecessary transport, production and redesign costs during product development. At the same time we reduce our carbon footprint. This reduction in CO2 emissions is achieved through the effective use of state-of-the-art optimization tools.

Using our own HighTech test and measuring facilities, we save on transportation – and our fully automated measuring equipment reduces testing time, and saves energy.

Expertise and Specialization

An expert and experienced supplier

In addition to its well-established product range, Lumberg Automation offers a wide range of vendor independent services, which can help to design and implement an economical end-to-end solution. From consulting, to training or support – the Belden Customer Innovation Center is able to deliver a tailor-made service from a single supplier.

Through our structured network planning process, we are able to reduce the amount of material used. We help to avoid over-specification, so that our solutions are not too big or too complex for their specific function – thus avoiding waste.

At the same time, optimization during the operating phase ensures this performance will be maintained, even when conditions change.

Whichever technology you use, our experts will support you all the way. Thanks to our specialist know-how, we are able to help you develop, install and operate the most effective and energy efficient solution. Up-to-date manufacturers expertise, an international service network and fast access to external specialists guarantees the best possible support.