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High-Performance Fiber Infrastructure Solutions for Broadcast Applications


Next-Generation Signal Routing Solutions from Belden

High-definition video, 4K and other broadcast technologies are pushing copper cabling infrastructures to the limit.  Fiber optic technology combines multiple signals and channels over a single fiber, enabling broadcasters to push faster data speeds over longer distances. High-quality fiber infrastructure is the foundation required to support HD video, 4K, augmented reality streaming, big data and other emerging technologies.

DCX Optical Distribution Frame

Belden’s pre- and field-terminated fiber solutions are optimized to withstand the most challenging cable pulls, high tensile loading, severe crushing and repeated use—even in harsher outdoor broadcast applications. 

  • Fiber connectors for enhanced insertion loss performance minimizing broadcast impact
  • Fibre1 Centre of Excellence for co-collaboration in designing custom fiber solutions to integrate with existing broadcast environments
  • Belden OM4 Cable, Adapters & Connector Bodies designed with optional Erika Violet color for clearer differentiation between OM3 & OM4
  • 25-Year Fiber System product warranty & lifetime application assurance to protect your investment*
  • Rigorous testing beyond industry standards for all Belden fiber cabling & connectivity products guarantees performance reliability

*Protect against material defects or workmanship when installed by a Belden-certified PartnerAlliance installer.

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