Connected Plant Solutions for Workflow Optimization

Seamlessly connect your workers and machines for improved operational performance


Boosting Operational Performance in Consumer Packaged Goods


The ability to connect and manage operational assets and workflows—in real time and on demand—is key to driving automation and efficiency in the CPG industry.


Manufacturing facilities are implementing solutions to connect machines and workers 24/7, monitor equipment performance and determine overall equipment efficiency (OEE).


OEE visualization helps managers better understand how well their plants run by bringing data from disparate IT and OT data together to offer insight into plant performance, plant availability and the quality of equipment and manufacturing lines.


Connected plants also give plant managers and operators the flexibility to remotely connect from anywhere to check product quality, analyze productivity and monitor machine performance—and make improvements remotely based on the data.


This enhanced connectivity between workers and machines in a connected plant environment limits downtime in many ways as well: reducing the number of micro stops of the line, lessening scrap or waste generation and decreasing machine loss. Fault alerts and early alarms also help operators identify and focus on the most critical plant issues and reduce diagnostics time.


Designing and implementing a best-in-class connected plant solution rests on several basic principles, such as:


  • Flexible solution bundles based on your journey and budget
  • Proven, futureproof technology
  • Easy maintenance, replacement and customization
  • A solid return on investment without compromising quality
  • Ruggedized components designed for harsh industrial environments

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