Cabling Infrastructure for Data Centers

Cabling & Connectivity—the Data Center Backbone

Configuration & Equipment Solutions to meet Specific Environment Needs

Cabling infrastructure in data centers is considerably different from other structured cabling deployments. Belden understands the unique demands placed on data centers and offers a complete portfolio of future-oriented cabling and connectivity solutions designed to ensure fast, reliable transmission of ever-increasing amounts of data.

From standard to custom solutions, we bring the requisite applications expertise to deliver modular, high-density, and environmentally-sound solutions to your data center project. As a solutions-oriented manufacturer, we're able to adapt and leverage existing R&D to quickly modify or create new designs. As your project evolves, our agile manufacturing processes can handle the transition from rapid prototypes to full-scale, high-volume and cost-effective manufacturing.

  • Changeable, scalable, compatible & fully integrated solutions designed for easy changes or upgrades, without altering your infrastructure, sacrificing performance or enduring downtime
  • Products engineered based on a common methodology to ensure migration readiness to higher bandwidth networks including 40G or 100G over multimode & single-mode fibers
  • Belden certified installers & advisory partners trained & knowledgeable in the specialized requirements of data centers

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