Racks, Cabinets & Accessories

Belden offers a complete line of Racks, Cabinets and Accessories that help maximize Data Center uptime and ROI. Full solutions include Power Distribution & PDUs, Heat Containment Systems and Cable Management and Pathways options designed to maximize cable density and protection, while simplifying moves, adds and changes.


Network managers and IT professionals can face pressing and often complex racking and cable management challenges in server rooms and data centers whether at the edge or in a large scale enterprise location.  Requirements can and do change based on network architecture, application, and even location.


Taking the time to plan, deploy and maintain your data center’s network infrastructure can help avoid performance challenges and cost implications down the road including operational/technician/workflow (not sure of wording) risks, equipment safety and operations, cable damage, unsafe conditions, airflow restriction and reconfiguration challenges. Belden offers a portfolio of flexible, high-density racks cabinets and enclosures meet multiple unique needs including seismic environments, airflow optimization and comprehensive cable management solutions combined with extensive experience in data center design.


  • Wide variety of rack & cabinet solutions from full customization to pre-configured, ready-to-deploy systems to meet unique compute, storage & network requirements including zero-u mounting, unique airflow requirements & infrastructure management 
  • High-quality cabinets/racks designed & manufactured in the US for quick turnaround on customer-specific needs
  • Belden certified installers & advisory partners trained & knowledgeable in the specialized requirements of data center deployments