Substation Automation Systems

Enable fully remote and continuous monitoring by digitizing your substation automation systems


As the industrial sector rapidly advances towards digitalization, the importance of incorporating modern technologies into critical infrastructure has never been more paramount. At the forefront of this technological evolution are Energy Substation Automation Systems, serving as the backbone for efficient, reliable and secure electrical grid operations. Automation in substations is not just an incremental improvement but a revolutionary step that significantly enhances the performance and management of electrical networks. 


Investing in a digitized substation automation systems will be a foundational piece for a utility company undergoing their own digital transformation.


The chart below illustrates the evolution of the most current substation systems to a digital substation and how that looks across different operational levels. Digital Substation 2.0, a future concept from our experts at Belden, reveals the replacement of wired connections with merging units effects a huge change between process and bay levels, simplifying electrical and engineering designs.


The evolution towards Digital Substation 2.0 is not just a technological upgrade; it's a revolution in how substations operate, offering myriad advantages over traditional analog substations.


Illustration compares the architecture necessary for a current or legacy substation to a digital substation 2.0 highlighting the decrease in wired connections.


The advantages of digital substations are numerous, ranging from improved operational efficiency and reliability to significant cost reductions and enhanced safety measures. Digital substations allows for remote monitoring and control, reducing the need for physical presence on-site, which can be both dangerous and costly. Moreover, the detailed and real-time data generated by digital substations support predictive maintenance strategies, helping to avoid failures before they occur and extending the lifespan of critical infrastructure.


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