Visualize & Manage Data Flow

Implement a unique-to-your-operation visualization system that supports your company, process and people.


The ability to collect data on a well-designed system ensures the success of a modern Material Handling facility, but an appropriate visualizer must allow your people to correctly interpret the available information. Within your unique system, Belden experts help you determine what parameters to prioritize and monitor. For example, the power consumption of a motor at any given time may be used as an indicator of asset health for predictive maintenance. This process differs from examining instantaneous reject rates for a sortation machine or scanning a list of attached devices and port statuses when managing network infrastructure.


Because elements of your operation are unique to your company, your process and your people you need a visualization system flexible enough for customization. In all probability, you will need multiple visualization and management systems for the different parts of your operation. Important elements to consider include:


  1. System performance and asset utilization
  2. Network status
  3. Cybersecurity configurations


System Performance
and Asset Utilization

at-a-glance view of system performance and asset utilization for process engineering teams


Frontline supervision teams need to see what parts of an operation are in service and how they are performing, while process engineering teams need to see how that performance varies over time. World-class systems turn this into easy-to-understand, at-a-glance dashboards and graphics.


Network cable connecting on network core switch enabling IT/OT convergence close up


100% operational availability means that IT or OT network administrators and OT operators have full access to the plant network from any time and any place. This is enabled by Next generation network management solutions that capture and visualize complete network setups in a topology map which parameters can be configured based on network requirements.


Cybersecurity Hero Image


Asset and network components must be protected from malfunction by following the latest ICS standards and using tools that provide a detailed overview of network performance and threats. Network administrators must not only secure the connection to external systems but also ensure OT zone-level security.

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