Secure, Reliable Networking Solutions for Transit

Maximize Tunnel, Station & Control Center Communications


The backbone of the transit network is the most critical asset to ensuring maximum uptime, secure communications and reliability across all subnetworks—from the tunnel to the station and the control room. Belden industrial backbone solutions help transit customers ensure redundancy, optimal signal performance, IT/OT convergence and seamless support of existing systems while keeping pace with emerging technology.

  • Flexible, scalable & easy-to-configure core, Layer 3 routing & field-level backbone switches with a variety of protocols, including MPLS-TP & Ethernet.
  • Built-in security & redundancy features ensure accordance with NEMA, IEEE & IEC transportation standards.
  • Full line of BS 6387 & LPCB approved fire-resistant circuit integrity cables meet EN 50200 & IEC 60331 standards.
  • Complete indoor/outdoor optical fiber, Ethernet & fieldbus cables with compact designs meet all safety & technical standards for the transit industry.

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