Secure, Reliable and Manageable Networking Solutions for Water & Wastewater

Ensuring Reliable Signal Transmission in Harsh Environments

Whether it’s the Ethernet cross-facility IT/OT backbone or connecting variable frequency motor drives or IIoT devices, cabling and connectivity solutions in the industrial environment must be reliable and designed to withstand harsh conditions and extended use in tough, demanding applications. For more than 110 years, Belden has been the leading manufacturer of rugged cable and connectivity solutions for the industrial world. No other manufacturer has the breadth of product and experience when it comes to industrial cable and connectivity solutions.

  • Industrial category 6A, 6, 5e and single pair cables and cordsets for all things industrial Ethernet with 100% shield coverage for improved protection and bonded-pair construction for durability and installable performance
  • Heavy-duty and tactical singlemode and multimode fiber optic cables in a variety of fiber counts for use in industrial inter-building and outside plant duct, aerial and direct burial applications
  • Full range of traditional fieldbus, coaxial, twinax, single and multi-conductor and paired cables for VFD, hook-up and lead, automation, instrumentation, power, control, audio, security and life-safety applications
  • Wide range of armoring, insulation and jacket technologies for indoor and outdoor environments with temperature, moisture, sunlight, abrasion and chemical resistance and high-flex and power-limited options
  • Industrial Ethernet, fieldbus and valve connectors with a variety of interface options, including RJ45, M-series and DeviceNet
  • Passive patch panels, distribution boxes and Ethernet, fieldbus and modular I/O systems for fast, easy connection of field devices

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