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Reduces Response Time & Facilitates Maintenance

Industrial networks can be expansive to support a variety of processing areas and thousands of devices collecting data and ensuring proper control at various remote locations. Programming, diagnosing and troubleshooting remote PLCs and other network devices demand Belden’s innovative and flexible remote access hardware and software solutions that mean more efficient, productive staff and less network downtime.

  • Intuitive cloud-based or open-sourced (OpenVPN or IPSec) secure, on-demand access to remote devices
  • Enables use of existing SCADA infrastructure and diagnostic tools, just as if you were onsite
  • Simple set-up and ease of use technology from any Windows-based PC with no complex programming
  • Eliminates the complexity of configuring traditional VPNs and the need for multiple IP addresses
  • Scalable to support growth of IIoT devices and advanced technologies like predictive maintenance

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