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Belden Team Members Receive Prestigious Telecommunications Industry Association Awards


St. Louis, Missouri – March 24, 2022 – For 120 years, Belden engineers and specialists have led many of the great innovations in cabling, connectivity, and specialty networking solutions. Today, Belden is pleased to recognize two associates who go above and beyond in their impact on the telecommunications industry. Henry Franc, Technology Solutions Architect, and Ron Tellas, Technology and Application Manager, LAN, have both been honored with 2021 Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) Star Awards which recognize dedication to advancing the industry

According to the TIA, Star Awards are given to individuals and companies who demonstrate the highest level of engagement in TIA initiatives. This includes standards development, technology programs and government advocacy. Henry and Ron were named among the Top 5% of individual members committed to impacting the industry in these areas, putting them among a small, elite group of members who share this commitment.


Franc has been involved in TIA for nearly 20 years, serving in leadership positions for a number of committees including the Engineering Sub-Committee for Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling, and Commercial Building Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces. Most recently, he was named Chair of the Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee, which develops and maintains standards for cabling infrastructure in user-owned buildings. Tellas has also played an active role in TIA for many years, working closely with internal Belden teams to write standards and support the various focus areas of the organization.


“Executing on this work is truly a team effort at Belden,” said Franc. “I am part of a dedicated group of networking solutions specialists who work together to ensure that standards are written and maintained in a manner that addresses customer needs. We all share a passion for standards writing and embrace our role in building a strong foundation for technology.”


Belden associates volunteer to serve the TIA in this capacity, and secure approval from Belden to pursue this work. The team holds the belief that the goal in developing and maintaining standards is to ensure proper function and interoperability for customers. This results in an approach that’s very customer-centric rather than product-centric, focusing on what customers need in today’s networking landscape, while anticipating future needs may arise as they expand their networks.


“We’re passionate about serving the telecommunications industry,” said Julie Furber, Executive Vice President, Smart Buildings. “Henry and Ron demonstrate that passion in their leadership of TIA initiatives that help end users function well today while allowing for network adaptability and advancement as technology changes. Their teams are all aligned in working towards standards that serve the customer first. That’s why customers view Belden as a trusted partner. I’m so proud to congratulate Henry, Ron and their entire team on this honor.”


In addition to Henry and Ron’s individual awards, Belden also received a Top 5% Star Award in the company category, further demonstrating the organization’s teamwork and commitment to advancing telecommunications and paving the way for a future of continued network interoperability, function and connectivity.


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