Partner Alliance Awards

Belden Announces 2021 Distributor Value Award Winners


Belden is proud to announce the recipients of its 2021 Distributor Value Award. These awards recognize Partner Alliance Distributors that live out at least one of Belden’s six core values every day. These six values emphasize results and continuous improvement and encourage employees and distribution partners to deliver exceptional experiences to customers.


Belden Core Values


“Our distributor network is pivotal in driving adoption of Belden’s networking, automation and infrastructure solutions in the global market,” says Anshu Mehrotra, SVP Global Sales & Marketing for  Belden. "We are honored to recognize their commitment to our core values and partnership in pursuing our mutual success.”

Each year, Belden sales teams nominate partners based on performance and activities from the prior year and winners are carefully selected by the Belden Partner Alliance Committee. Global Distributor Value Awards are then presented to six outstanding partners in each region. The past year presented many unique challenges, making these accomplishments even more impressive.

Congratulations to the 2021 Distributor Value Award Winners!          


Americas Award Winners

Logos for Accu-Tech, INS, Barnum, Graybar, IEWC, Digi-Key, Wesco, Noramco & OmniCable 

Industrial Networking Solutions: Customers Define Our Success

Industrial Networking Solutions (INS) provides industry-leading products, technical support and IT/OT services for wired and wireless machine networking applications.

INS has exemplified this value by continuously seeking opportunities to better serve Belden’s customers, such as partnering in a pilot for Belden programs aimed at improving the customer experience. In addition, INS made an investment to take on additional Belden product lines signaling their commitment to a continued and growing partnership with Belden.

Accu-Tech: Customers Define Our Success

Accu-Tech is an industry leader in the distribution of Voice, Data AV, Wireless and Security solutions. Since its inception, Accu-Tech has worked with its supplier partners to deliver best-in-class solutions and services for customers.

Despite constraints limiting supply chains and in-person engagements, Accu-Tech found creative ways to conduct business and secure strategic inventory investments with Belden. Through these efforts and significant collaboration with the Belden sales team, Accu-Tech was able to exceed our customers' expectations across the North American market.

Graybar: We Play to Win

For more than 150 years, Graybar has served as a leading North American distributor of electrical, communications and data networking products. It supports customers in such markets as construction, industrial, utility along with commercial, institutional and government.

In 2021, Graybar’s collaboration with Belden’s sales teams and focus on maximizing customer outcomes resulted in significant share capture. Graybar helped establish Belden as a key cable supplier, exhibiting Belden’s value We Play to Win.

H.H. Barnum Company: We Play to Win

Founded in 1946 and headquartered in Brighton, Michigan, H.H. Barnum is recognized as a leader in the distribution and logistics of products, solutions, and controls for factory automation.

H.H. Barnum has demonstrated its commitment to growth in 2021 through ongoing partnership with Belden and finding innovative ways to meet customer requirements. The H.H. Barnum team’s dedication to growing with Belden has provided numerous opportunities to secure large projects and increase share.

IEWC: Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life

For more than 60 years, IEWC has supplied complete solutions for customers’ wire, cable and wire management needs. Beyond products, IEWC prides itself on offering an unparalleled customer experience that supports the success of customer projects.

Throughout 2021, IEWC’s Mexico business worked with Belden to discover new customers and secure strategic inventory positions, resulting in significant revenue increases. Working hand-in-hand with customers to understand their needs and requirements, IEWC will continue to improve customer relationships and engagement into 2022.

Digi-Key Electronics: We Reach for Greatness

Digi-Key specializes in the high-service distribution of electronic components and automation products. Established in 1972, Digi-Key led the mail-order catalog business and was a key resource for design engineers. Today, Digi-Key has evolved into one of the world’s largest distributors of electronic components in stock and available for immediate shipment globally.

In 2021, Digi-Key expanded its Belden product portfolio to ensure consistent product availability and a wider breadth of options for customers. Digi-Key amplified their product expansion with robust marketing efforts to increase new customer acquisition. Through these efforts, Digi-Key has shown exceptional growth and continues to exceed aggressive targets.

Noramco: We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Noramco is one of the largest distributors of electrical, electronic, datacom and fiber wire and cable solutions in Canada. Noramco serves a wide array of markets including power distribution, transit, broadband communications, building infrastructure, clean energy and natural resources.

Noramco demonstrated its commitment to teamwork by prioritizing direct engagement with Belden salespeople to identify new projects and solve customer challenges. The team regularly promotes Belden in its marketing efforts and prioritizes trainings and updates for sales and support staff about Belden solutions.

OmniCable: We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Omni Cable, LLC (OmniCable) is a leading redistributor of wire and cable, electrical products, and value-added services with extensive Belden inventory. They are recognized for operational excellence, reliability, and the customizable services it provides electrical distributors. 

OmniCable continues to make Belden’s partnership a top priority. During its acquisition of Houston Wire and Cable in 2021, OmniCable didn’t lose sight of their joint goals with Belden and continued to focus on growth. In addition, OmniCable brought on other Belden brands this year to broaden its portfolio and reaffirm its partnership.

WESCO: We Invest in Talent

WESCO is a publicly traded FORTUNE 500® distribution and supply chain services company. Its portfolio includes best-in-class products and services for electrical, utility and communications solutions. After recently completing its merger with Anixter, WESCO is now able to bring its knowledge and expertise to even more customers.

WESCO and its subsidiary companies made a significant investment in training their salespeople in 2021. Comprehensive trainings included how to better do business with Belden and on the Belden portfolio overall to ensure WESCO salespeople have everything they need to be successful when it comes to specifying and recommending Belden products and solutions. 


Asia Pacific Award Winners

Logos for APS, ControlLogic, HITE, Ningbo Jetron, LHS & the UL Group

Ningbo Jetron Technology: We Reach for Greatness

Founded in 2002, Jetron now has 12 subsidiaries and over 20 branches across China. The company specializes in providing industrial automation, industrial networking, networking and information products and system overall solutions across various industries.

Jetron made huge investments in 2021 in talent with more than 4 sales and 1 technical support staff onboarded to provide an enhanced support experience to their customers. In addition to that they also invested in several demo labs/rooms across their APRs to demonstrate to local customers Belden's solution selling capabilities. These efforts have resulted in Jetron having exceptional growth and they continue to exceed their targets.

Shanghai Hi-Tech Control System Company (HITE): We Play to Win

Based in Shanghai, China, HITE is a leader in the wholesale distribution of industrial automation and electronic products and accompanying solutions. 

This strategic partnership spans many years and this year, we recognize HITE's commitment to working with Belden to achieve multiple project wins and year-over-year revenue growth of 21%. Specifically, their agility and willingness to collaborate has resulted  in several major successes in the mass transit and mining verticals.

Control Logic: Customers Define Our Success

Control Logic is an Australian-owned distribution company specializing in industrial automation, safety, communication, low voltage products, software and solutions. Over 2021, Control Logic made significant investments to meet customer expectations including training engineers to support Belden industrial networking solutions and creating a 24/7 support model. Control Logic has also been proactive in communicating and promoting Belden solutions to their industrial networking customer base.

We congratulate the Control Logic team on this achievement and their 40th anniversary milestone in 2021!

APS Industrial: We Invest in Talent

APS Industrial offers Australian customers the broadest portfolio of industrial low and medium voltage electrical and automation products within the region.

APS Industrial has made significant investments in talent for the year 2021 with an objective to drive business by expanding their team to achieve their goal. In 2021, five APS sales managers  participated in a comprehensive training effort to support the Belden/APS partnership. As a result, the APS Industrial team doubled their business with Belden in just 12 months.

LHS Electronics Enterprise: We Succeed Together through Teamwork

Based in Singapore, LHS Electronics Enterprise (LHS) is a leading supplier of industrial automation, security, wireless RF & broadcast/AV products. 

Belden is pleased to recognize LHS for their support and commitment to partnering for mutual success. Over the course of 2021, LHS proactively demonstrated high levels of collaboration resulting in two significant project wins—the Woodlands Integrated Healthcare Campus and Singapore Institute of Technology.

The UL Group (UL Electrodevices): Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life

The UL Group based in Pune, India, is a leading provider for industrial automation products and solutions. At a time characterized by significant supply chain disruption, the UL team demonstrated outstanding inventory management capability to ensure sufficient capacity to support an aggressive sales plan. 

The company’s advanced warehouse and distribution operations enabled expedited delivery of Belden products for various critical customer projects. We’re delighted to recognize the UL Group for their strong delivery performance fundamentals and relentless spirit to improve. 


Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Logos for  Sanval Electronic, AL MAZROUEI, RS Components, AJA Networking, PRODUS & ETN

SANVAL Electronic: Customers Define Our Success

SANVAL Electronic is highly focused on customer needs and ensuring a great customer experience through the entire buying journey through close collaboration and alignment and with Belden.

The company has proactively sought to understand customer and market demands resulting in optimized inventory & supply chain practices, revenue growth and brand awareness. 

AL MAZROUEI W.L.L. Qatar: We Play to Win 

The strong AL MAZROUEI Qatar/Belden partnership has led to multiple new smart building,  entertainment venue and industrial automation project wins. 
Quality products and value-added services combined with a commitment to on-time delivery and heightened customer response has made AL MAZROUEI a trusted partner. Belden is pleased to recognize the AL MAZROUEI team for their commitment to market leadership.

As a strategic partner, we recognize AL MAZROUEI’s recent accomplishment in winning the prestigious FIFA World Cup 2022 bid and look forward to our ongoing collaboration in meeting the end-to-end infrastructure and broadcast requirements for this large project.

RS Components: Continuous Improvement Is Our Way of Life 

The RS Components/Belden partnership has resulted in collaboration on several high-growth programs. The RS team is highly focused on increasing collaboration and enhancing go-to-market practices including launching the Belden/Alpha Wire cable product selector, sales enablement and engagement training, digital content enrichment/analytics, and their support of the IESA procurement initiative focused on delivering cost-effective solutions.

Our shared commitment demonstrated over 2021 has resulted in an increasingly strategic partnership and business growth for both parties.

Abdullah Jarallah Agencies: We Reach for Greatness

With a relationship spanning many years, Abdullah Jarallah Agencies (A.J.A.) has set a high standard for performance in 2021, growing their Belden business with a well-designed sales, marketing and customer experience strategy.

The company’s commitment to execution enabled AJA to meet crucial customer needs and tight turnaround times during unprecedented market conditions. Prioritizing requirements, closing gaps and diligent planning has resulted in a highly resilient reseller network, expanded customer reach and multiple new project wins. Belden is pleased to recognize AJA and look forward to our continued partnership.   

Produs: We Succeed Together Through Teamwork

Produs has been consistent in their commitment to customer acquisition and revenue growth in the Baltic region. As a local champion of the EMEA Belden Customer Innovation Center (CIC), Produs introduced several process innovations to encourage closer partner and customer collaboration, resulting in a further commitment to replicate CIC services in Poland.

In 2021, the open communication and cooperation between Produs and various Belden businesses resulted in a multinational project win with stakeholders across multiple countries. They have set a bar for success through teamwork and we’re proud to celebrate 25 years of partnership in 2022!

ETN: We Invest in Talent

ETN, based in Haute-Normandie, France, has successfully expanded their team of network specialists at an all-time competitive talent market. 2021 marked an exceptional growth year for ETN's Belden business. The company’s commitment to acquiring diverse technical talent and building capability across their network team has been key to their success. Investments in mobile demonstration units and other commercial tactics were also central to demonstrating the shared value ETN and Belden offer customers in France.

Belden is pleased to recognize ETN’s concerted investment in building talent and celebrating diversity—cornerstones to better understanding and meeting increasingly complex global customer needs.