A Formula for a Digital Future: Connected Manufacturing for CPG

White Paper



In the world of manufacturing, consumer packaged goods is an extremely competitive sector. The old success models will only get you so far. Cutting-edge technology and processes are now one of the few ways to turn unpredictable consumers into repeat buyers. In this environment, it’s no longer a question of “if” your plant should move toward connected manufacturing, but “when.” Do you want to be ahead of the curve and transition to a smart environment on your own timeline—or scramble to catch up?


Download this insight paper from Aravind Kumar, Digital Automation Consultant to learn about:


  • How Connected Manufacturing Reduces CPG Costs
  • Realities and Challenges of Connected Manufacturing
  • The Value of Partnering with a Third Party
  • Are You Ready for Connected Manufacturing?
  • Your Connected Manufacturing Roadmap
  • Belden: Your Connected Manufacturing Specialist