Network Access Control with macmon explained simply.


Today, almost every company depends on a connected and always-available network environment. The use of the Internet of Things (IoT), access from mobile devices, and the interconnection of IT and OT networks, as well as the resulting increase in the number of different devices accessing the network, dramatically increases the threat level for cyber attacks. This is why network access control (NAC) systems are part of an efficient security strategy when setting up IT and OT enterprise networks, and at the same time form the basis for reliably guaranteeing the availability of services:


Download this white paper, to learn more about how NAC ensures the protection of all networks by providing visibility, identification and role assignment of users or devices, compliance with security policies, and disclosure of other network details.

  • NAC - Basic protection in industrial networks 
  • Overview through comfortable and automatic visualization
  • Control of accesses
  • Increased security level through more identities
  • Forensic and impact analysis
  • Secure logon to network devices and gain more details
  • Permanent availability of infrastructure and security
  • Coupling with other leading security solutions
  • Synergies of Belden & macmon NAC

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