Class 4 Systems


New Class 4 Systems Change How Technology is Powered


What Is This White Paper About?


Hailed as the ultimate playbook for safe installation of electrical systems, the National Electrical Code®️ (NEC) is in a constant state of improvement. Updated once every three years, work is always being done behind the scenes on the NEC (also called NFPA 70®️) to protect people and property from the potential hazards that arise when using electricity.

Eighteen Code-Making Panels comprised of electricians, inspectors, users, installers, laborers, testing lab specialists and manufacturers (Belden included) frequently collaborate to review and update the code.

The latest update, which is currently underway, will be released as the 2023 National Electrical Code in Fall 2022. This edition will include an exciting addition that’s set to change how buildings and technology are powered.

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