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Service & Support

Explore Belden's customer-centered approach helps your business accelerate time to value. 

What we offer?

Our engineers have the expertise to rapidly resolve network issues—whenever they arise. With years of practical experience and technical know-how, CIC team engineers intuitively understand where potential problems may be and how to proactively prevent network downtime. As leaders in industrial networking technologies, we can put our knowledge to work for you—covering your options and recommending what works best for you and your business.

Ensuring your network runs optimally requires three things:

  1. Timely access to expert remedial help when an issue arises
  2. Continuous monitoring of network health to ensure uptime & optimal performance
  3. Technology insights for smart investment decisions that keep you ahead of the innovation curve

This is where the Belden CIC Service and Support team comes in—365 days a year x 24/7, remote or on site. We can help simplify the complex, mitigate risk and offer peace-of-mind knowing your network is in the right hands.

CIC Service & Support Portfolio

Built on a three-pronged approach to network health, our flexible offering ensures you have the right amount of support you need with the option to scale up as you need it.

When network performance is impacted, in part or in whole, there’s no time to waste. Belden engineers deliver the expertise and tools to quickly resolve the issue in the shortest time possible.

  •  - Direct access to a technical support manager for emergencies provides a path to immediate corrective action
  •  - Personalized & high-priority access to the Belden Ticketing system & knowledge base to easily monitor network status & request support
  •  - Response from a qualified technician in the shortest time possible for timely network recovery
  •  - Priority escalation of bugs & issues to R&D for expedited resolution
  •  - Replacement parts guaranteed next-day reduces impact of unplanned downtime
  •  - Expert engineers onsite to diagnose & resolve critical network issues
  •  - Remote network access for fast network recovery to most recent healthy state

Network health depends on proactive measures. Belden’s Preventive Services help reduce exposure, maintain industry standards and train engineering teams how to optimize network reliability.

  •  - Emergency security vulnerability planning, patching & upgrades to speed recovery
  •  - Detailed reports on the impact & resolution of security vulnerabilities for accountability
  •  - Direct contact with security experts for assessment, audits & compliance for network production
  •  - Remote and onsite network health checks close potential gaps
  •  - Onsite workshops covering new technologies improve automation engineer technical expertise & practical know-how
  •  - Annual audits ensure compliance against industry standards/benchmarks & fine-tune network performance
  •  - Resident engineer programs ensure an expert is close to your location

Fine-tune your network and find opportunities to maximize new investments. Our experts help you get more from your network today and future-proof performance.

  •  - Data & Asset Management solutions for full visibility into network components
     - Access to business-critical data to ensure you’re always in control of your operations
  •  - Data analytics & algorithms provide critical network insights required for risk mitigation & countermeasure/action plans
  •  - Industry-standard benchmarks for best-in-class network performance aligns your network with the latest innovations
  •  - Belden-certified & approved network documentation for maximum quality & transparency
  •  - Real-time online reporting to monitor network status & performance for proactive management (onsite or remote)
  •  - State-of-the-art labs & facilities enable extensive testing, when needed

Need Support?

Belden Solution Architects are ready to solve your use case or application needs.

Flexible CIC Service Level Agreements Support Unique Requirements

Service Level Select only the services you need

Cost Payment can be done by yearly contracts or as services are provided

Duration Extend or discontinue services on a year-to-year basis

Scope Easily add more services or network elements to the SLA scope, at a minimal cost

Remote Management Reduce overhead costs by allowing expert engineers to diagnose & solve issues remotely

Language Communicate in your preferred language with Belden field engineers located worldwide