Looking at Industrial Wireless from a New Perspective

Sure, a lot of people are talking about going wireless. But you’re concerned about security. You’re concerned about reliability. You’re concerned about bringing unknown technology into your industrial environment. You have to wonder if wireless is really worth all this anxiety.

In reality, today’s industrial wireless solutions can transform your business. You can actually increase your network security and reduce downtime. You can integrate wireless and wired components to improve overall system management and efficiency. And you can future-proof your network to ensure that you’re ready for opportunities emerging from the Industrial Internet of Things trend.

Not sure what wireless can do? Consider these possibilities.

Top 10 Industrial Wireless Applications

  1. Implement mobile SCADA
  2. Eliminate legacy systems
  3. Gain visibility into status/data from moving equipment
  4. Capture live video
  5. Eliminate manual data collection
  6. Network 'old equipment' for asset status
  7. Increase reliability with LAN backup
  8. Enhance employee safety
  9. Improve deployment of specialized technicians
  10. Plan for improved flexibility 

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