Industrial Automation

Trust is Good, S2 Redundancy is Better!

Artjom Bil

The future is automation. With a clear trend of digitization that is particularly evident during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, automation is more valuable than ever. Because of this, ensuring the reliability of your automation systems is important. Especially for those who cannot be on-site to monitor the processes 24/7.

The digital transformation we find ourselves in today is partially defined by the high availability of the production systems and the high degree of automation. This leads to increases in the complexity of the systems and poses new challenges for system builders and system integrators in the networking of digital and physical elements. These challenges could include:

  • Ensuring the production process
  • Maximizing resilience
  • Optimizing data transfer
  • Integrating the supply chain into the production process
  • Efficiently using process data in the cloud

Essentially, the digital transformation approach aims to harmonize strategy, organization, processes, technology and people. At Belden, we strive to show our customers a solution to their path on multiple levels of the automation pyramid.


“If you never stray, you will be left behind!” (Bernard Le Cordonnier)


In the process industry, there are very specific requirements necessary for networked components in the field. Redundant logic drastically improves reliability in the event of communication failures. With multiple communication relationships tied to the control unit of the systems, Belden now offers an innovative solution for the use of IP67 modules on the IO-Link basis, the S2-Redundancy.


By integrating S2-Redundancy into the LioN-Power IO-Link portfolio, Belden provides a clear edge in the diversification strategy of the target markets. Our team is always working to identify and generate value for our customers with new industrial solutions.


PROFINET S2-Redundancy

Belden is now offering a completely new approach within the LioN-Power IO-Link Master series, specifically for pharmaceuticals. S2-Redundancy opens a door into a new world of process industries for Lumberg Automation IO-Link Systems.


The functionality is ingeniously simple, as soon as communication with the primary controller is lost or disturbed, the IO-Link master establishes a communication relationship with the second synchronized control unit in order to keep the production process running and avoid down-time.


S2 redundancy


This new functionality should not be confused with Media Redundancy Protocol structure (MRP). With MRP, a redundant communication ring is set up and mainly used to secure data transfer at the network level. S2-Redundancy, on the other hand, secures the physical communication failure of the primary controller due to a cable break or malfunction on the PLC level or similar.


What Do We Do for Our Customers?

Within industrial automation systems, there is always one important requirement – high availability!


High availability within the application brings:

  • Constant quality, machine output and on time delivery of consumer goods
  • Ecological aspects within your application design - less risk for wasting of raw material by reducing production stop
  • High Profitability of your application - Minimize your investment risk
  • Protection from one of the most hated situations of industrial applications → Uncertain status of the filling container

S2 redundancy

Replacing the current IP20 dominant approaches within the pharmaceutical industry with more powerful, more efficient and more dynamic IP67 IO solutions.


Belden understands that ensuring the reliability of your automation systems is important. Let’s talk about how we can work together to bring redundancy to your network.