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Top Industrial Blogs of 2021

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To help you stay up to date on Industrial Automation and Cybersecurity trends, we publish weekly blogs with insight and advice from many of our in-house experts. With 2021 wrapping up, we reflected on the topics and conversations that were most important to you. After we examined the most-read blogs from 2021, as well as the most-read Belden blogs of all time, we’re sharing your favorites here.

Most-Read Industrial Blogs Published in 2021


  1. Tale of 4 Costs 


    For companies that were already following a path to digital transformation, the sudden shift brought on by the pandemic was not as jarring and the change affirmed that they were headed in the right direction. For industrial sites that weren’t yet taking advantage of automation, the writing was on the wall: change is here, and it’s here to stay. When it comes to total cost of ownership for industrial-grade cables, this blog walks through four factors to consider.

  3. Key Challenges Facing IT/OT: Hear from the Experts 


    In this blog, we spoke with experts in the field who offered their insights about the challenges facing IT and OT convergence. When you think of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT), which side are you on? You may not feel that you fall on any side of that technological skirmish, but when you stop to carefully consider the differences in these two disciplines, it is nearly impossible to avoid a tendentious leaning. 

  5. Changing the Face of Automation with TSN 


    Thanks to Industry 4.0 (also referred to as the “smart factory”), digital technology has become a priority for the manufacturing industry over the past few decades. This change offers enhanced visibility and connectivity between the sensors on the factory floor and the factory backbone, allowing data to move through at high speeds and to be available where it is needed for value-add services such as data analytics. This blog dives into how digital technology has taken over many aspects of our lives on and off the factory floor.

  7. Form A, B and C: Do You Know Your DIN Valve Connectors? 


    Wherever you find manufacturing processes, you’ll find DIN valve connectors. They’re used in automotive, chemical, food/beverage, pharmaceutical, oil/gas and water/wastewater environments, to provide just a few examples. Learn about the three standard types of DIN valve connectors in this blog.

  9. Merging Tray Cable with M12 Power Technology for New Uses


    This blog explains how the combination of tray cables and M12 connectivity is valuable not only in automotive applications, but also in applications that need to supply power to motors on a conveyor belt system, as well as power supplies, power converters and the industrial lighting industry.

Most-Read Belden Industrial Blogs Ever


These five blogs were published before 2021 and have proven to be the most popular among our viewers.


  1. Managed vs. Unmanaged Switches - Are they Really that Different?


    Comparing managed and unmanaged switches is almost like comparing today’s smartphones with your very first 1990s mobile phone. Each device serves the same basic purpose—voice communication—but that’s where their similarities end. Your application determines which type of switch you need. Learn which type of switch is right for you in this 2020 blog.

  3. RS-485 Cable: Critical to System Operation 


    This 2018 blog discusses cable options as well as distance details for the RS-485 cable. It is important to remember that EIA-485 is not an application or protocol but a balanced transmission interconnect standard that specifies the electrical characteristics of drivers, receivers and transceivers.  

  5. 600V Industrial Ethernet Cable: Safety & NEC Considerations 


    When Ethernet cable is used in such a 600-volt environment, electrical safety becomes a design consideration. The challenge is that Ethernet products have not traditionally been offered in a form that easily integrates with industrial machinery AND conforms to safety regulations. If you suspect that your 600V Ethernet application needs to conform to the NEC regulations, or if you simply want to understand 600V cable safety considerations, read on.

  7. Tips for Properly Terminating VFD Cable 


    This blog discusses how the population of variable frequency drives in modern industrial facilities has escalated significantly in recent years. And no wonder—by adjusting motor speed and voltage to meet changing real-time process demands on the fly, VFDs help deliver valuable benefits such as increased energy efficiency, more precise process control and reduced wear and tear on costly equipment. This blog offers tips that can help you properly terminate your VFD for system reliability.

  9. Direct-Burial Cable: Your Questions Answered

    When it comes to burying cable underground—and ensuring continued performance despite the obstacles it may encounter—you have a few questions to consider. Do you want to install conduit? Is moisture a concern? Is the cable running across long distances? This 2020 blog covers the 3 cable types that normally rise to the surface in discussions about outdoor installation.


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