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Building the IT Infrastructure

Copper & fiber cable/connectivity products to power voice, data, fire, A/V & physical security systems.

Every Project is Different

Belden offers a comprehensive portfolio for signal transmission, data communication networks and power supply of devices designed for a wide variety of applications.

An ever-changing variety of project scope, deadlines, budgets & requirements demands flexible/strategic solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of every project. Belden offers customized solutions for: 

  • Multi-site launch Initiatives
  • Stadiums
  • Commercial expansion 
  • Warehouses
  • Data Centers

Belden manufactures copper and fiber cable and connectivity products that power IT systems like voice, data, fire, A/V and physical security systems. We also offer a significant product portfolio for signal transmission, data communication networks and power supply of devices designed for many applications in Industrial Automation and Machine Building. Whether you are networking your devices to the controllers, connecting the controllers to the control room, relaying data between the control room, the engineering department, and remote manufacturing sites—or all of the above—Belden has the products you need to seamlessly connect your communications.


  • Review & Certify
  • Upgrade
 Dedicated commercial real estate experts support customer architect & design teams from the start. We’ll find you the right technology consultants so you get what you need to succeed.
Belden will educate & inform your project consultants, giving them full access to our technical experts. Our tools and resources provide valuable information whenever and wherever you need it.
For unique applications, Belden experts are available to work with your technology teams to provide quality, custom solutions. Belden’s PartnerAlliance program connects you with certified installation contractors anywhere in the world.
Access the vetted Belden network of top tier integrators. To ensure your solution is deployed properly, we’ll conduct site and performance audits, providing warranty test results so you know exactly where you stand. Our one-of-a-kind 25 year warranties future proof your investments.
Belden offers special project pricing globally, and, when it comes to material supply and logistics, our products are stocked by our distribution partners and available worldwide, guaranteeing that you get the solutions you need - when you need them.
Belden’s ongoing research and development keeps us ahead of technology changes. As the future unfolds, we’ll share our expertise to inform and educate you on recent emerging trends.


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