Connectivity, Infrastructure & Security Solutions for Data Centers


Data centers can range from micro locations for edge services to large hyper-scale facilities serving global requirements and everything in between.  From turnkey compute and storage requirements to the customized enterprise and industrial infrastructure requirements, Belden data center solutions seamlessly integrate functional areas while delivering on scalability, sustainability, industry standard and cybersecurity requirements. 

A Systems Approach

Our approach emphasizes standardization in the data center, products engineered to work together for faster and less complex installations, and a global network of certified partners trained in the specialized requirements of data center deployments.  

From high-density solutions with twice the connections in the same amount of space to customizing your data center based on unique requirements, we guarantee sensible pricing, quick deployment and maximum efficiency. Our data center portfolio spans network and server enclosures, cable and airflow management, intelligent power distribution, environmental monitoring, as well as physical and cybersecurity solutions for virtually any data center environment or application.

From the Blog

Data Center Cabling to Support High Density

Data Center

Mobile and wearable devices, 4K and 8K video streaming, Internet of Things and 5G: Demand on today’s data centers continues to increase due to our rapidly changing world.

Kikie Kunplin | 03.19.2020

Edge Data Centers Focus of New Cabling Standards


Because of our active participation in organizations like TIA, IEEE and ISO, Belden often hears about new changes to cabling standards well in advance. To help you keep up, we created a short list of upcoming changes to cabling standards:

Henry Franc | 05.09.2019

Meet OM5 Multimode Fiber


We first told you about wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) back in October 2016, right after the International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) decided on the nomenclature for wideband multimode...

Qing Xu | 07.06.2017